Honeydew Soybean Smoothie- Healthy Asian Smoothies

One of the best aspects of living in Asia is having easy and plentiful access to juice and smoothie bars that serve up healthy Asian smoothies like my Honeydew Soybean Smoothie where no sugars or syrups or added and where it’s made fresh to order without costing an arm and leg. Melons are one of the most popular fruits in Asia with good reason- they’re packed with water and help keep us hydrated in tropical Southeast Asia. While I made this particular smoothie with Honeydew, this exact recipe works just as well with melons like cantaloupe and even watermelon. Soy milk is also a hugely popular drink in Asia and for decades was touted for its numerous nutritional benefits. In more recent years, some nutritionists have spoken out against soy milk because drinking too much of it can supposedly cause hormonal imbalances. If you find yourself one of those people who doesn’t suit well with soybean milk for whatever reason, you can simply substitute the soy milk for whatever type of milk you prefer- regular, almond or cashew. You can even use the ever popular Coconut Water.

Serves 4


4 ½ heaping cups chopped ripe honeydew melon

1 3/4 cups soybean milk

2 cups crushed ice

4 small honeydew melon wedges for garnish


Place all the ingredients together in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into individual serving glasses garnished with melon wedges. Serve immediately.