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Honeydew Soybean Smoothie- Healthy Asian Smoothies

Honeydew Soybean Smoothie- Healthy Asian Smoothies One of the best aspects of living in Asia is having easy and plentiful access to juice and smoothie bars that serve up healthy Asian smoothies like my Honeydew Soybean Smoothie where no sugars or syrups or added and
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Detoxifying Green Smoothie

Detoxifying Green Smoothie If you’re going to drink a detoxifying Green Smoothie, let’s do it right and start off with a White Tea or Green Tea base liquid. Cooling cucumbers and the powerhouse detoxifiers of organic parsley and celery need to be tempered with naturally
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Cooling Kale & Honeydew Smoothie

Cooling Kale & Honeydew Smoothie If you’re looking to help your own digestion or if you are having skin problems, this Cooling Kale and Honeydew Smoothie is perfect for you. Cucumber helps calm inflammation of all types and helps de-puff bloated skin. Kale gives you
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