Dina’s Thoughts
A native of Honolulu, Chef Glenn Chu, owner and executive chef of Indigo, found his roots in his grandmother’s kitchen early on. Coming from a Chinese American family, Chef Glenn grew up having the opportunity to watch his grandmother cooking up a storm with her outdoor, wood-fired wok. Her mastery of Chinese cuisine and attention to details were passed down to her grandson, who took those skills and raised them to world-class levels.

Since 1994 Chef Glenn has been at the helm of Indigo, a highly acclaimed Asian Fusion restaurant in downtown Honolulu. His patrons have the honor of experiencing decades of technical skill combined with an innate talent for melting international flavors. His vision and insistence on using top quality, fresh ingredients and supporting local businesses, is obvious in each dish he has meticulously created with a love and passion few other chefs possess. Chef Glenn has not strayed far from his native Chinese roots, with a large portion of Indigo’s menu vibrantly showcasing China’s complex cuisine.

Besides his obvious expertise in Chinese cuisine, his splendid mastery of global spices and herbs has catapulted traditional Asian favorites into a whole new stratosphere. A true master of fusion cuisine will have no doubt journeyed through the world, seeking new experiences with every meal, always learning and improving. Chef Glenn is one of those masters who have trekked through many countries, eating, cooking and evolving. Through his family ties and world travels, he has developed into Hawaii’s premier chef not only for fusion cuisine, but for providing discerning foodies a culinary sanctuary that they can’t resist coming back to over and over again. He is the consummate professional and a genuinely gracious host, qualities that are immediately evident should you be lucky enough to dine at Indigo on a day when he feels like roaming from table to table, regaling you with the unique wit and charm that has become Chef Glenn’s trademark.

Chef Glenn Chu