Strawberry Cabbage Smoothie
Don’t get turned off by the thought of drinking raw red cabbage in your smoothie. Red cabbage┬ácontains high levels of phytonutrients beneficial in fighting all types of inflammation in the human body, up to 8 times that of green cabbage. Coupled with ripe strawberries, sweet Asian pear and creamy almond milk (though you can substitute any milk you prefer), the red cabbage leaves just a trace of its taste in the smoothie, making it easy to get all your antioxidants in one glass.

Makes ~4 medium-sized glasses

2 cups strawberries, stems cut off
1 heaping cup red cabbage, shredded or roughly chopped
1 large Asian pear, roughly chopped
3 cups almond milk (substitute with any type of milk you prefer)
1 cup ice


Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve immediately.

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