One of the easiest tools to use in an Asian kitchen is a good quality rice cooker. I can’t imagine any modern day kitchen without one as this saves on time, cleanup and effort for cooking perfect, fluffy rice. You should follow the general instructions of your particular rice cooker though my personal rule of thumb for perfect white rice is 2 parts water to 1 part uncooked rice. 

These days you can find all types of rice cookers with price tags ranging from as low as $15 to as high as several hundred dollars. For the average home kitchen, a rice cooker somewhere in the middle range does just fine. It does pay in the long run to invest in at least a decent rice cooker rather than the cheapest one as this is a tool that should last for years. The great thing about modern day rice cookers is that you can just set the rice to cook and it will stay warm for at least a few hours to days (for the more expensive models) and you never have to worry about burning the rice or water over-flowing like in the good old days.

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