The basis of most Asian meals is the bowl of perfectly cooked white rice. While every Asian nation has its preferred type of rice and even the proportions of rice to water when cooking, most people today don’t have the time to break it down to such a precise science. All we know is that we want delicious, hot, fluffy white rice that is neither overly dry nor mushy. As exact measurements, that should be left to foodologists.

I have tried nearly every rice cooker on the market all of which will remain unnamed except for one- Zojirushi. While many people choose to purchase run of the mill rice cookers at the lowest cost possible, they will find out sooner or later that cheap at first does not always translate to cost effective in the long run. The issue with bottom grade rice cookers is that unless you turn rice cooking into the aforementioned precise science that we abhor, that steaming hot goodness you long for will seldom be achieved. You’ll have rice that is too dry or too mushy, often with a strange burnt crisp along the bottom (and not the good kind of burnt like with Korean stone bowls).

So what is it that makes Zojirushi rice cookers so superior? Firstly, there’s a large range of these nifty culinary gadgets to fit different needs of sizes, budgets and complexities. Not only are they sleek and beautiful to look at, they are lean mean rice cooking machines that make dishing out perfect rice perfectly effortless. Whether you’re in the mood for classic white sushi rice, brown rice or even porridge (congee), Zojirushi rice cookers do it all. Most importantly, if you happen to be a little off in your measurements of rice versus water, fear not, Zojirushi corrects all in that magical capsule-like box.

For those of you who have an inner pastry chef dying to break out but are too afraid of actual baking, Zojirushi rice cookers also double as a cake maker. How, you ask? You’ll have to hunt down their engineers. I’m just here to attest to their superior capabilities and longevity. That’s the other major issue with other brands- they tend to break down within a short period of time. So yes, Zojirushi is more expensive but they will also last you several decades if not a lifetime. Let’s do the math.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker