Mango Smoothie- Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Having lived in Asia during different parts of my life, I miss a lot of aspects of those beautiful countries. One of them is easy access to healthy smoothies recipes like this Mango Smoothie. All metropolitan cities in Asia have numerous cafes and street stalls dedicated to serving up all kinds of fresh fruit juices, smoothies and drinks galore. While based in the United States, I do have easy access to juice and smoothie bars but sometimes I prefer making my own healthy drinks where I know there is no added sugars or syrups and where I don’t have to pay nearly $10 for one glass of fruits and veggies. This Mango Smoothie is lusciously creamy while still light and refreshing. Ripe mangoes lend a natural sweetness while coconut water and yogurt give us added nutrients to keep us hydrated and balanced through the day.

Serves 4


2 cups crushed ice

2 medium sized fresh ripe mango, peeled and cut into chunks

6 cups coconut water

1 cup vanilla yogurt

Drizzle of honey (optional and depending on sweetness of mango)

Mango wedges & tropical berries for garnish


Place all the ingredients in a blender in the order listed and blend for 1 to 2 minutes until smooth. Garnish with mango wedges and your favorite tropical berries. Serve immediately. (Depending on the size of your blender, you may have to do this in two batches).