Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- The Most Romantic Getaway in Napa

There is no more perfect a sanctuary than Milliken Creek Inn & Spa if you are searching for the ultimate in romantic luxury hideaways.  Sprawled on several acres of pristine greenery in wine country along the Napa River, Milliken Creek has surpassed its own goals in seeking to provide guests with a stunning, gorgeous escape just a short drive from San Francisco and 3 minutes from downtown Napa (where famous restaurants like Morimoto and Cole’s Chop House are located).

Boutique hotel adopts new meaning here, with a scant 12 suites, each uniquely lavish in both quality and exquisite details. Upon entering my suite, the mood was already set by staff who take special care to ensure every aspect of your stay is as beautiful as it should be. Candles were lit, lights were dimmed, a lovely Jasmine scent lingered in the air and my favorite jazz tunes were playing softly in the background.

Fireplaces, hydrotherapy bathtubs complete with smiling Rubber Ducky facing French doors that open to overlook the Napa River and allow fresh breezes to flow through, delicious gourmet breakfasts on your private terrace… the romance of one moment spills into the next. Suites are enveloped in soothing cream tones with hardwood accents, extra fluffy pillows, plush sofa-chairs and vibrant fresh flowers. The adorable bathrooms beckon with the softest velvety bath robes in any North American hotel or inn I’ve encountered while L’Occitane amenities elevate an already sigh-worthy bath experience.

After a day of romancing or exploring wineries, fall into a completely deep sleep in beds that cradle your entire body as if they were made just for you and lose yourself in sumptuously thick duvets. One of my favorite aspects of the Inn is the ability to have the French patio doors wide open, watching the glittering stars as the distant sounds of evening wildlife sing me to a restful sleep.

Early evenings host Magic Hour, where guests are invited to enjoy local celebrated wines and pairings with delicious cheeses and fruits. If you’re a fan of “local” and “authentic” experiences while staying at Bed & Breakfasts, you’ll love meeting a different vintner each evening who is all too happy to share stories of wine making and about the families running the wineries. Often you meet other Inn guests during Magic Hour and become pleasantly surprised at new friendships developing with people from all over the world. Late evenings bring about premium ports for a most decadent close to a fantastical day though admittedly, during several stays, I stole sips in the late morning. Throughout the day, complimentary coffee, tea, Spa water and homemade cookies are available in the Lobby Lounge area, which in itself is a cozy and charming area to sit, play board games or simply take in the gorgeous views.

For those of you visiting Napa for the first time, no doubt you’ll find plenty of reason to leave the Inn to explore wineries and surrounding areas. For those like me who know Napa very well, Milliken itself is the reason to visit the area. The Inn’s sophisticatedly charming interiors along with a non-obtrusive staff, lush greenery and the gentle lulling of the river make leaving the outside world conducive and easy. Sit on a bench in the afternoon sunlight and cool breeze wrapped in your lover’s embrace, just steps from the river, with a fountain behind you and plenty of grassland around to take a nap on a blanket or talk, or simply do nothing but stare at the perfect sky.

Milliken has an award-winning Spa just footsteps away from the Suites and Lounge area where you can indulge in Aromatherapy Massages and unique wine-based body treatments. When weather permits, you can even request a massage outdoors under a billowing white canopy amid flowers and a waterfall.

Fancy yourself a history buff or lover of old buildings? Milliken’s original building that currently houses the Welcome and Lounge areas as well as some of the Inn’s suites, is over 100 years old and was once the stop for Californians trekking gold up and down the coast. Climb up a few stones to sit above the little waterfall and take in the view of the acreage and the river, and just maybe, you’ll hear the sounds of past “wild west” characters in the wind.

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa is a dream from bygone days where life comes to a peaceful still, where air is pure against the backdrop of the trickling river water and swaying trees. The outside world can easily disappear if you so choose here, so easy to lose yourself in the attentive, personalized service and elegant charm. If you wish to venture out, staff will happily direct you to the countless award winning local restaurants, wineries and quaint Napa stores. Milliken aims to please and pamper its guests in every way imaginable. They have certainly succeeded in creating a breathtakingly beautiful haven that I personally, find impossible to stay away from for too long. Milliken is after all, the most romantic getaway in Napa.

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Milliken Creek Inn & Spa - Lounge area overlooking Napa River

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- Gourmet Breakfast on Patio

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- Welcome Basket

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- Deep Jet Tub with Rubber Ducky

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- View From Waterfall

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa- Entrance in Evenings are lit up with flowers lining sides of walkway.