The Perfect Summer Getaway can be found in the Blue Palace Hotel in Greece where summer months are balmy, the setting is ultra romantic and there are activities galore.

The Blue Palace Hotel- Best Hotels in Greece

There are moments in life when you are standing somewhere, looking at the sheer beauty around you and it seems like a dream that could disappear. Blue Palace, so aptly named, is one of those glorious places on earth that will take your breath away and make you pinch yourself hard to see if your imagination has conjured up such a fantasy. Luckily, its’ astounding glory is very real for all of us to bathe in. Long a perfect summer getaway during Greece’s balmy summer months, this ultra romantic and activity-rich hotel is great for couples and families.

Located on the Greek island of Crete on the Elounda coast, Blue Palace floats above the Mediterranean Sea- its guest quarters offering heartbreakingly gorgeous views of the azure waters. Hardwood floors, dim lighting, neutral palettes with splashes of cobalt blue, natural stones, marble baths, local Greek artifacts and hand-spun curtains billowing against the sea breeze are all part of interiors that provide a calming and romantic ambience against the backdrop of the glowing Mediterranean. A beach front property, Blue Palace embodies its name in every way imaginable.

Leave behind all misconceptions of Greek food as you embark on a culinary journey in the Palace’s five restaurants, each authentically unique with specialties of fresh seafood. Have a cocktail by the magnificent sunset at the Arsenali Lounge allowing the hands of time to turn back a few centuries as you gaze at the arched ceilings and stained-glass lamps. Or spend an afternoon by lazing around the outdoor lounge, relaxed on a chaise with your toes tickling the gently lapping water.

Hailed as one of the most remarkable spas in the world, the Elounda Spa cannot be missed with signature treatments such as the Elounda Beauty Scrub, which combines natural sugars and Crete olive oil to make your skin silky smooth, and men, there are facials and massages tailored especially for your skin. Try an outdoor massage overlooking the Mediterranean waters. Extensive time must also be spent in the Palace’s 142 infinity pools, (yes, 142 of them), each as dramatically incredible as the next, blending into the blue Grecian skyline.

No guest desire at the Blue Palace is too small or large, whether it’s a relaxing flower-strewn bath by candlelight, a dinner of a lifetime a deux or needing to fly to a nearby location by helicopter. The Blue Palace aims to spoil its guests to endless degrees. I assure you that when you grudgingly leave this jewel by the Mediterranean Sea, you will feel every bit as powerful as Poseidon, tempted perhaps, to raise your own storm from the sea.