Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion

Many of you have written in to me through these years asking me this question- why is a Toner necessary? There was a period of time during my mid-20’s when I was traveling a lot, doing some philanthropic work and frankly, skincare was not at all a priority for me. Between trying to budget and trying to minimize things to pack, Toner was one of the first skincare products I nixed.

Over the period of a year, my skin started to misbehave in ways I had never experienced. There were tiny bumps that began appearing on my cheeks, forehead and jawline- not acne, not blackheads, nothing that could be popped. They were just annoying to the touch and contributed to an overall lackluster complexion that was obviously not smooth, not bright and not all that healthy.

When I reintroduced Toner into my skincare regimen, without changing anything else, within one week there was visible change in my skin. Some of those little bumps began disappearing. After a month of twice daily use, I was getting compliments from friends who noticed something was different.

What exactly is the function of a good toner? It acts as a skin primer of sorts- an extra layer of cleansing after your regular cleanser to ensure that all traces of the day’s environmental pollution and any make-up residues are wiped clean away. Then it further prepares the skin for properly absorbing any other serums and creams you intend to layer on.

One of my all time favorite Toners is the Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion whose key ingredient is Glycosyl Trehalose, which is found in tapioca and potato starch- ingredients long used in Asia for their soothing and hydrating properties.

Other highlight ingredients of the Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion include:

Linoleic Acid– extracted from safflower seed oil and purified. Its primary effect is to significantly minimize appearance of dark spots. Also promotes exfoliation of stored melanin that form dark spots.

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate– made from licorice; possesses soothing properties.

Acetyl Glucosamine– harvested from crab shells, this ingredient helps production of hyaluronic acid which functions as an intense moisturizer.

Betaine– produced from sugar beets and also functions as intense moisturizer.

Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract– deriving from the Japanese sakura tree, possesses properties that soothe and soften rough skin.

Shell Ginger Extract- derived from Japanese Alpinia Speciosa leaf; has intense brightening and moisturizing properties. 

Incorporating the Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion into my daily skincare routine has had a long term stabilizing effect on my skin- helping to maintain an overall glow such that even when I don’t always get enough sleep, my skin doesn’t suffer. This Toner is also powerful at soothing problem areas during those occasional breakouts.

Not overly drying like so many alcohol-based toners and not overly rich and pore-clogging like many of the super hydrating toners on the market, Equitance’s Toner straddles the middle ground perfectly. With a barely-there scent of citrus meets floral, this toner provides an instantly soothing sensation to your skin and absorbs within a minute, leaving a lightly moisturized trace.

At US $50 for a 150 ml / 5 fl oz. bottle which lasts a solid 6 months (at least) with twice daily use, the Equitance Brightening Toning Lotion is an unbelievable bang for your buck and your skin will love you for it.

If you’re not familiar with the Equitance skincare family, you can check out one of my other reviews of an Equitance product. Equitance was founded in Japan several decades ago and has a strong focus on reversing age and discoloration spots through a combination of botanical ingredients and state of the art technology.

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