Equitance Foaming Cleanser

The search for the best foaming facial cleanser is one that I continue to embark on every couple of years to see if there’s any new developments in skincare technology. I recently came across a brand called Equitance- new to the US but founded in Japan nearly two decades ago. Equitance integrates and East meets West philosophy of skincare with products that focus on diminishing dark spots and combating the annoying and often harmful effects of melanin production.

The Equitance Foaming Cleanser has a thick toothpaste like consistency and is very creamy to the touch. Pure white in color, as its name suggests, it foams up very well and has a barely there floral scent. When used with just your fingertips as a massaging agents, this cleanser cleans off light to medium applications of make-up. If you wear heavy make-up with a lot of foundation or bb/cc creams, you’ll want to use one of those face brushes or a Clarisonic along with the Foaming Cleanser to ensure that all make-up is removed.

What I always look for in a foaming cleanser is that after washing off, I get a clean feeling without that dreaded “squeakiness” that tells you the product has just stripped your skin of its natural essential moisture. Many cleansers that foam have harsh soap products within to create that foaming we love but simultaneously depletes the very hydration our face needs to maintain suppleness and smoothness. Equitance is very gentle on all skin types but especially so for oily/combination skin whereby we (the owners of said oily/combination skin) tend to mistakenly veer towards drying products that actually exacerbate our issues.

The main ingredients in Equitance’s Foaming Cleanser are:

  • Linoleic Acid– extracted from safflower seed oil and purified. Its primary effect helps to significantly minimize appearance of dark spots and promotes exfoliation of stored melanin that forms dark spots.
  • Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract– culled from Japanese Sakura tree. Possesses properties that sooth and soften rough skin.
  • Shell Ginger Extract- derived from Japanese Alpinia Speciosa leaf. Possesses intense moisturizing properties to help smooth and brighten skin.

I’ve been using this foaming cleanser for several months and it has kept all acne breakouts at bay, does not strip my skin of its inherent moisture, whisks away daily make-up without having to use a separate make-up remover and seems to be doing a nice job of overall brightening. At US $30 for a 4.2 fl oz tube, this is a skincare must-have, a huge bang for your buck, lasting about half a year with twice daily use.

Equitance Foaming Cleanser