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Vital Proteins Collagen Supplement

In this day and age, you’ve most likely read  or heard about the importance of collagen in regards to both maintaining a youthful appearance and for many of our body functions to continue the way they’re supposed to into old age. If, like me, you’ve heard the term “collagen” thrown around everywhere from dermatologists’ offices to athletes to nutritional supplements, you might also have been confused as to exactly what collagen is, other than knowing that it’s good for us.

As described by Vital Proteins, the company that produces the Collagen Peptides Supplement I’m writing about today, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues.  Collagen provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system, essential for mobility.  The intake of collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones and joints.  Collagen is a protein made up of amino-acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine.  Collagen is an important building block for the skin. It makes up to 30% of the protein of the living body and 70% of the protein that makes up skin.

In short, collagen is the primary structural protein in animal connective tissue and becomes gelatinous when boiled.

Knowing this definition made me finally understand all the bizarre bordering on horrific stories I had heard about the lengths women in Asia go to in the quest for remaining young. One story I saw on a news channel involved a woman paying an abortion clinic to deliver her all the fetuses that were aborted so that she could, (shudder), eat them. While that particular story certainly is as extreme as they come, other stories involve women eating copious amounts of certain animal parts and others yet, speak of the gelatinous substance that comes from boiling collagen being left on the face.

While I want to maintain youthful, beautiful skin and good health as much as the next person, I just could never bring myself to even do the “lesser” of the above, whether eating copious amounts of certain animal parts or even the gelatinous mask. It was all too much for me.

Last year when a friend introduced me to Vital Proteins’ Collagen Peptide Supplement, I was skeptical at best. I thought, oh great, yet another company with more weird products. Much to my surprise and great delight, there’s nothing weird about Vital Proteins.

My favorite product from them is the Collagen Peptides Supplement which comes in fine, cream colored powder, similar to any of those other protein shake supplements. With 18g of protein per serving, these peptides are gelatin proteins that have been broken down into their constituent peptide chains. In other words, the break down is what naturally occurs when boiling broth for a long time and no gelatin appears anymore.

The powder is so fine that you can easily mix it into any beverage with just stirring into juice, water, tea or any other beverage, at any temperature. Since I’m huge on making smoothies almost every day, I just toss a few spoons into the blender for easy incorporation. You can also add this Collagen Supplement into a variety of foods including oatmeal, pancake batter or sauces. The shocking part of this supplement is that you taste nothing at all. Once blended into the drink or food, there’s no texture, no smell, no taste, no color. It’s as if nothing had happened, only something very crucial did happen- you just added a skin and body saving protein into your daily routine.

No insane and grotesque methods, no sticky substances on your face; nothing but a simple, clean, fine powder to add to whatever you’re drinking or eating. Vital Proteins’ 100% pasture-raised Collagen Peptides has certainly helped me to maintain beautiful, tight skin without any crazy Hollywood-type regimens or injections (another situation that sends me running to the hills).

As for long term benefits, well, I guess we won’t truly know until I get older but for now, knowing what we already know about our body’s need for collagen, my tub of Collagen Peptides Supplement is here to stay permanently. At US $41 for a 1.25 lb tub that lasts about half a year with daily use (a few spoonfuls into my daily smoothie), this is a no brainer and probably a well kept secret everybody wishes they knew about.

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