Best Body Scrub 2016- Svelta Sugar Coffee Scrub


Svelta Coffee Raw Sugar Body Scrub- Best Body Scrub 2016

Through the years, I’ve been an ardent fan of a few body salt scrubs with good reason- they’re fantastic for our skin. Whenever possible (and nowadays, it almost always is possible), I love going for the more natural skincare products that limit or all together nix synthetic chemicals that can seep into our pores and wreak havoc over time with our general health.

Most recently, I was introduced to Svelta, a new skincare brand focusing (so far) on self-tanners. While those of you who are familiar with me know that I religiously stay out of the sun and have no desire to tan, I am always open to discovering and trying new skincare brands with other product offerings that may not be their main focus.

Svelta’s Sugar Coffee Scrub is the newest, unexpected surprise of 2016- the best body scrub I’ve encountered in the last few years by a new player on the ultra competitive skincare scene. To be frank, I didn’t have high expectations with this body scrub when I first heard about it and that’s no reflection on the Svelta team. As one who nearly launched her own skincare brand a couple of years ago, I know all too well how difficult it is to create a truly winning and potent product that differentiates you from the thousands of competitors out there.

The first surprise was the lovely packaging. I know what many of you may be thinking- packaging isn’t important. Well, in terms of the efficacy of the actual product, no, packaging is not important. However, if like me, you enjoy the entire process of skincare from beginning to end, it’s a nice step to look at a package that was thoughtfully designed to be easy on the eyes. It’s gold top matches the gold insignia and font against a “coffee” colored label on the clear plastic jar that allows me to see the luxuriously dark, rich scrub.

I like that the jar is a substantial-feeling plastic jar as opposed to too-heavy glass jars other scrubs are contained in (a potentially hazardous situation in a wet shower environment) or flimsy plastic tubs that feel as if they have no substance to them. The desire to nourish one’s body begins with the eyes, whether it’s internally ingested food or externally applied skincare.

The second surprise came when inspecting and scooping the body scrub into my palms. It looked like- sugar, coffee and some type of oil…like something I could potentially have created with real ingredients from my own kitchen, and that’s a great thing.

Scented exactly how its ingredients should smell- like robust coffee with a little sweetness and a touch of cardamom, I set about exfoliating every inch of my body. The third surprise came when I felt zero itchiness! As much as I’ve always loved the salt body scrubs I’ve used in the past, those always left me with a slight to medium scratchy/itchy sensation all over. Svelta’s Coffee Raw Sugar Body Scrub not only did  NOT create any itchy sensation whatsoever, I could feel my skin instantly moisturized as I went along scrubbing- something no other body scrub had ever achieved by itself.

The granules of coffee, raw sugar and cardamom did a phenomenal job of scrubbing away every bit of dead skin, even off stubborn areas like elbows, knees and feet. As you’re exfoliating though, this scrub does triple duty with the coffee tightening your skin and the olive oil instantly hydrating for a super silky finish.

After rinsing off with very warm water, I encountered the final and greatest surprise of all- the after effects actually lasted. The scrub’s olive oil didn’t just rinse down the drain; it had created a beautiful protective layer of hydration that even toweling off did nothing to diminish. Not only was my skin feeling moisturized as if I had slathered on my usual body lotion but I smelled delicious!

The next morning I awoke to find that I was still baby smooth, still supple and still lightly coffee scented.

I’ve been using Svelta’s Coffee Raw Sugar Body Scrub once a week for over a month now and cannot stop raving about this to family and friends. Sometimes it pays to look beyond what a skincare company supposedly specializes in; you just might find that winning product that you can no longer live without.

At US $48 for a 16 fl. oz. tub, this body scrub should last a solid 5 months or so with once weekly use; a negligible sum for gorgeously smooth, soft skin all over.

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