Ling SparkLING Makeover Mask

Ling Skincare’s SparkLING Makeover Mask

If you’re reading this feature, you’re likely a skincare aficionado who thinks of skincare as something far more important than just aesthetics and as steps that are part of a general healthy routine. You’re likely also familiar with many of the crazes to come out of Asia, including the obsession with face packs and masks that promise to do everything from brighten to lighten, tighten and moisturize.

Ling Skincare, which I’ve recently become an ardent fan of, created a SparkLING Makeover Mask that uses “carboxy technology to draw out massive amounts of oxygen to the surface of the skin.” What this means essentially, is that we’re getting a mini Oxygen facial (the likes of which spas and dermatologists charge $$$ for) whereby our skin is undergoing a quick but potent Oxygen blast that purifies and deeply moisturizes. Along with the mask’s Rose petal extracts and hot spring water, SparkLING Makeover Mask is the quickest skin booster you can use before a special event to achieve that healthy “I’ve been eating right, exercising and sleeping well for years” glow.

These SparkLING Makeover Masks are sold by the box with 4 packets to a mask, each packet meant to be used once. The product itself comes out of the packet as a clear, thick gel, kind of like some hair gels. You are meant to smooth the gel all over your face, which upon touch, appears like a white cream (no longer the clear gel). As you continue to slather the gel over your face (there’s a generous amount of gel in each packet so take your time to cover all parts of your face except your eyes and lips), the cream begins to foam up.

By the time I was done putting on all the gel in one packet, my face looked like it was covered in a thick sea of puffy shaving cream. For the next 15 minutes, I felt a bubbling sensation like that of carbonated drinks on your tongue. If I’m not allowed to move my face for a full 15 minutes (which with most masks, we’re not supposed to move or make facial expressions of any kind), it sure was fun to feel like a bunch of miniscule troopers are running around on my skin sweeping away dead skin cells and infusing me the aforementioned Oxygen, Rose Petal essence and hot spring water.

After just one use, I did notice an immediate brightening effect akin to having just come out of a great facial. The subsequent 3 packets I saved for using on days when I had special events in the evening. While I do take my skincare routine seriously, I am convinced that the addition of Ling’s SparkLING Makeover Mask delivers on giving me that extra glowing boost on special days when I want to look my very best.

At US $80 for one box with 4 packets, you can stretch this out for special days or use weekly or bi-weekly and think of the cost as far less than getting the same results from a facialist or dermatologist at triple or quadruple the price for 1 time.

With each passing trial of a new Ling skincare product, I am definitely finding myself an ever stronger supporter of this brand. It’s no-nonsense, simple packaging and reasonably priced for measurably potent results.

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