Dayna Decker Sierra Essence Body Moisturizer

You get what you pay for is the first clich√© that comes to mind when I think about Dayna Decker’s Sierra Essence Body Moisturizer. Decker’s luxury line of body lotions, cleansers and candles have long been a well kept secret among the skincare mavens and fashionistas who frequent Neiman Marcus and certain high end boutiques. When I came across this luscious body moisturizer, I knew this was too good a secret to keep and had to share it with all of you.

With a consistency and feel like that of fluid hair gel, this clear, thick body moisturizer might make you mistakenly guess that it’s going to be greasy for sure. Rub a couple of pea sized dollops between your hands and spread it all over your body; you’ll feel how it glides on your skin like a silk negligee from La Perla.¬†

Instantly smoothing, instantly softening, I was incredulous at how this hair-gel like substance evaporated into nothingness within minutes of applying onto my skin, leaving in its wake just silken skin and an alluring scent. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon walking through a forest picking freshly blooming flowers, you’ll recognize Sierra’s sultry aroma- a blend of sweet jasmine flowers, a touch of musk, neroli flowers, amber and a trace of bourbon vanilla. Sound too sweet? Not at all since there is also a clear presence of a woodsy scent to balance the sweet and sultry.

As much of a perfume connoisseur as I may be, I also greatly appreciate a lavish body moisturizer that not only nourishes my skin with antioxidant-rich ingredients and hydrates thoroughly but also leaves me smelling ravishing all day with nary a spray of any perfume.

Whether you can afford to be a Dayna Decker Body Moisturizer patron on a consistent basis or you want to treat yourself to a special occasion gift, I strongly encourage every woman to pamper herself like the queen she is.

Key Ingredients:
-Shea Butter and Grape Seed Oil are rich antioxidants
-Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) is one of the ingredients known to help improve skin structure
-Argan Oil helps in reducing wrinkles and softening skin
-Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial qualities

Dayna Decker Sierra Body Moisturizer available on the Dayna Decker website, Neiman Marcus and select boutiques at US $64 for a large tube bottle. Also comes in 5 other scents.