Four Seasons Mexico City

There’s something about being a traveler in a steamy, crowded city like Mexico City that begs for a super cool haven to retreat to when work is done. In this city of 20 million people and in the heart of the financial and shopping district of Polanco, finding a tranquil spot to relax and indulge is no easy task but the Four Seasons takes up the challenge and excels beyond the most jaded of expectations.

A gorgeous, expansive courtyard teeming with lush greenery, vibrant flowers and contemporary statues is surrounded by the hotel’s magnificent neo-classical architecture, showcasing towering arches and French windows. As muggy as Mexico City can get, Four Seasons’ interiors are a welcome respite with their signature wood paneling, soothing cream tones and elegant furnishings. Step into any of the luxurious suites and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by large French doors that open wide to patios with fantastic views, perfect for a lazy breakfast en suite.

Custom designed marble bathrooms are equipped with oversize sunken tubs, the perfect answer to relieving all traces of stress. Plush bedding, flat screen televisions and soft light filtering through all add up to lulling any weary traveler into a blissful state of snoozing. The hotel’s classic restaurant and trendy bar make gourmet dining a simple task without stepping out, or better yet, indulge in all the delicious comfort foods in bed with silver service.

As is expected of all Four Seasons properties, Four Seasons Mexico City is no different in offering the utmost in luxurious service with an authentic touch of Mexican hospitality. Walk under the ivy clad arches of the romantic pathways throughout the hotel or sit at the outdoor restaurant for a moonlit dinner and the warmth of the unobtrusive staff reverberates clearly, making you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, getting serendipitously lost in a beautiful, charming Mexican village that just happens to have the best of modern amenities.

Four Seasons Mexico D.F.