Make Healthy Spa Water At Home

Make Healthy Spa Water At Home

I’ve heard a lot of family and friends complain about how they know they should drink plenty of water but that sometimes it’s just a chore because it’s a bore. ┬áThere are several companies out there (who will remain unnamed) that specialize in offering you dozens of “flavorings” to add to your regular drinking water. For the sake of research I’ve tried some of these and personally, I think they taste strange. Most importantly though, what is those syrups or powders?

As a general rule of living well, I staunchly avoid foods and beverages that contain dubious ingredients that sound like they’re concocted in a chemistry lab instead of in nature.

Having had the blessing to visit countless spas around the world, I got hooked on what I call “spa water.” If you’ve been to a good spa or even some nicer hotel lobbies, you’ll have seen those alluring carafes of refreshing water swimming with ice and an assortment of berries, cucumbers or citrus wedges.

This “spa water” is the best way to naturally flavor your everyday drinking water so it won’t taste so boring to you while having the added benefit of whatever nutrients the water extracts from steeping those antioxidant fruits and vegetables all day.

How To:

Take a large carafe, (preferably a 1-liter), fill it with a large handful of berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.), orange or lemon wedges, stone fruit slices (nectarines, peaches), cucumber slices, mint or rosemary leaves, or any combination of these. Top the fruits/veggies with filtered water and a bit of crushed or cubed ice. Let it sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes before drinking.

Throughout the day just pour yourself a glass of water from the carafe (taking care to keep the fruits/veggies in there) and refill the carafe with water once. By the end of the day, you’ll have drunk your daily 2 liters of water without even realizing it.

For on-the-go, you can do the same with smaller bottles of water. You’ll have to drink some of the water first to make room for the fruits and veggies (which you’ll have to cut into smaller chunks).

If you’re generally healthy but you’ve sometimes suffered any of these symptoms (not attributed to any particular illness), you could simply be dehydrated so this “spa water” could be really great for you.

  • Sluggishness, lethargy or sleepiness
  • Skin issues like acne, over-oily or very dry
  • Dry hair
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation/Irregularity
  • Can’t focus on a task at hand

Start drinking your way to a healthier you with this super easy to make spa water!