Tcho Chocolate Bars
As an addendum to my original review of Tcho Chocolates naming this environmentally friendly company’s products to my list of Best Products Around the World, I strongly encourage each of you to try out Tcho’s new concoctions- 3 luscious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bars each featuring a unique infusion of our old time favorites. These are among the best chocolate in America.

Are you a lover of Nutella? Meet Tchunky Tchotella– the sweet answer to your chocolate prayers. For those of you who’ve been following me for awhile, you already know that I’m not personally a big fan of chocolate but Tchotella had me at first bite. As described by Tcho: “Gianduja is the seductive blend of milk chocolate and smooth hazelnut butter, invented in northern Italy two centuries ago. We added a TCHO twist- crunchy pieces of Piedmontese hazelnuts. Then we added just the right dash of sea salt.”

A decent description but it doesn’t quite demonstrate how the swirls of salty and sweet, hazelnutty and rich all come to a gentle, passionate explosion on your palate, taking hold of all your senses and making your hand reach for another piece even though you know you shouldn’t, but oh, it’s irresistible even for non-chocolate fiends. If I had this reaction, all I can say to those of you true chocolate and Hazelnut/Nutella lovers- have someone with a firm hand to stop you from eating it all. And, good luck finding such a person who can stand strong against Tchotella.

But enough about my personal favorite. There are two other flavors that deserve their own fan base- Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (for lovers of the real thing, like my sister), and Galactic Gelato. The former has- you guessed it- real strawberries, real rhubarb and real pie crust. A partnership with Gelato experts Gelateria Naia brings to life an inverted Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream- a chocolate bar with pieces of Mint Gelato.

If you’re a regular chocolate junky, get yourself the best quality fix with TCHO’s newest sweets, or you could flex your gift giving skills by spreading the love. Get to TCHO’s New Chocolate Bars