Having a mother who has always been tuned into the latest trends of global skincare, I was educated early on about the vital importance of moisturizing my skin. No matter how well we may eat, the fact is that we no longer live on an earth whose natural attributes takes care of our skin without added help. Between intense pollution in metropolitan areas to chemicals in the water we bathe in, to even dyes and other harmful chemicals in our clothing, the skin covering our body is at stress and risk 24/7.

As a woman who cares about health first and foremost, and then yes, about looking my best, I am fanatical about moisturizing twice a day. What do I look for in a body moisturizer? To state the obvious first criteria, a body moisturizer or lotion must moisturize my skin. It should do so without leaving oily residues while continuing to cocoon my skin against environmental stresses.

Beyond these bare bone criteria, I also look for body moisturizers that are free from harmful chemicals and dyes and has proven results in harnessing the power of modern technology with ingredients found in nature. Which body moisturizer fits my criteria and exceeds the most stringent of expectations? 

Meet Pevonia’s Lumafirm Body Moisturizer Firm & Glow.

After stepping out of a warm shower, I spread the moisturizer all over my skin and feel an instant wave of softness enveloping my entire body. With an elegant, delicate fragrance of peaches and gardenias that lingers ever so lightly for a full twelve hours, I was in love at first touch. After several days, I noticed a bonus side effect that I thought I was imagining. My skin did in fact feel noticeably tighter after applying the moisturizer. The sensation was similar to that of having worked out with weights at the gym minus the pain. After several weeks, the skin tightening was definitely not my imagination.

What makes Pevonia’s Lumafirm Body Moisturizer my choice for best body lotion across all classes? As if everything I’ve already described wasn’t enough, the list of what Pevonia skincare products are made with and without should convert even the most skeptical of skincare aficionados:

  • Select Organic phyto-extracts
  • Organic essential oils
  • Organic extracts
  • Paraben-Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Lanolin-Free
  • Mineral Oil-Free
  • PABA-Free
  • Urea-Free
  • No artificial colors
  • No formaldehyde
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Latest proven-effective actives
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Natural Green formulations
  • Chirally-Correct
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Extensive result-driven in-spa treatments
  • Result-prolonging home regimens
  • Eco-Packaging, passionate commitment to saving the earth.

At US $58 for 5 oz., one can argue that there are plenty of choices on the market for far more inexpensive body lotions. Yes, there certainly are. However, with the hundreds of body lotions I have encountered, no other provides this full list of characteristics, meets all of my criteria, doesn’t overwhelm with cheap perfumes and is of this superior value. You can purchase sub-par quality at cheaper prices; you can purchase great quality at higher prices or you can make the wise decision to choose Pevonia at best quality and best value.

Note: The 5 oz. container lasted me over a month (about 5 weeks or so) with using it twice a day every day, neck to toe. 

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