Singapore Airlines- Best Airlines in the World
If there is an airline in the world that frustrates and keeps other airlines on their toes, Singapore Airlines is it. Singapore Airlines has been rated the number one choice of travelers for decades according to such publications as Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast and Business Traveler, all with good reason. This is one of the only airlines in existence that takes attention to detail to another stratosphere.

Ever wonder how many heads have brushed against the headrest your head is leaning on? On SQ, as it is known by loyal fans, every single headrest gets a brand new cloth attached during every leg of flight, no matter how long or short. Your head will never brush against unknown territory. Sticky mess around the control buttons of your seat? Not so here. Every transit stop made with every flight, an army of cleaners come aboard to actually clean, as opposed to simply sniffing around and kicking dirt under the seats as on other airlines.


There will be no more fighting with other passengers over pillows and blankets. Each seat has its own set, individually wrapped in sealed bags so you know they are brand new. Singapore Airlines has continually invested in the redesign and maintenance of all their aircrafts. Each of the three classes features state of the art technological amenities, world-class cuisine, complimentary wine and liquors, Givenchy designed plush seating and bedding and most importantly, the outstanding service that has made this my absolute favorite airline above all else. KrisWorld Entertainment offers an astounding choice of hundreds of movies, television programs, music channels and games. KrisWorld also doubles as an all in one portal where flyers can work on their business documents without laptops.


Cuisine on Singapore Airlines rivals that of any land-bearing, Michelin rated world-class restaurant. Even short-haul flights with a one hour duration see the crew serving travelers full three-course meals with a wide choice of beverages, including wine and beer at no additional cost. If you’re ever on an overnight flight, you’ll be happy to know that the crew walks around periodically with trays of sandwiches, fruit, little snacks and beverages to ensure that those who can’t sleep are at least, very well fed. They do not take the culinary arts lightly, always serving a delicious variety of foods, piping hot, not to mention that before take-off on every flight, in every class, welcome beverages are served. No stale, cold bagels on board, no tattered bags of peanuts. Just sophisticated tastes for sophisticated travelers.


Upon entering the aircraft, we are greeted by name. In First and Raffles Class, cabin crew memorize your name before you come aboard. In Economy Class, they take the time to look at your ticket, address you by name and escort you to your seat, making sure that you, your companions and carry-ons are settled in. Warm, fragrant towels are handed out before take off, after meals and before landing. We are made to feel important- such a rarity in today’s fast-paced, cold travel industry. Our requests are listened to and fulfilled with graciousness, never callousness or grumpiness as is prevalent in many other airlines. Whether in Economy, Raffles or First Class, Singapore Airlines has mastered the art of caring for its weary, tired travelers.

Flying on SQ has become a reason in itself to travel. For those seeking an even more memorable journey, try the First Class on SQ’s A380… let us know how your trip went if you ever decide to disembark. We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.

Singapore Airlines