Omorovicza Gold Body Scrub- Luxurious Body Scrubs

If you fancy your skin to be as milky smooth as Cleopatra’s was rumored to be, look no further for the “magic elixir” than Omorovicza’s Gold Body Scrub.

Delicately scented with an array of floral essences, this luxurious body scrub incorporates anti-inflammatory gold to gently but powerfully scrub off dead skin cells. Its fair trade sugar glides over skin without harsh tugging, bathing your body in an overall glow. The power of gold should not be underestimated as a passing and foolish cosmetic trend. Studies have shown gold has reparative properties that help reduce spots from sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

This Gold Body Scrub also features vitamin A-rich Apricot kernel oil and vitamin C-rich capsicum (bell pepper) peptides. Beyond sloughing off dead cells in a gentle manner, the best body scrub should simultaneously moisturize the fresher, younger skin that’s now exposed. Without this dual action, scaly, patchy skin would arise despite having just sloughed off dead cells.

When I stepped out of the shower, I couldn’t stop running my hands over my own skin- I was baby soft all over. My skin was veiled in the scrub’s elegant scent, altogether making me feel like a queen who had just had a royal bathing ritual. How long did the effects last? For more than half a week, I was noticeably smoother and for the next 48 hours (despite subsequent showers without using the scrub), I had such a glow about me that friends remarked on it, asking what I had done to myself.

We typically pay so much attention to our facial skin but not nearly enough to the skin on our body- the largest organ we have. Omorovicza’s Gold Body Scrub is a must-have for everyone who desires a forever youthful glow and healthy, silken skin. At US $90 per tub, it will last you several months while its potent effects will last a lifetime.

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