Serves 4


4 sushi grade salmon fillets (~2 lbs)

4 tablespoons olive oil

4 cups cooked quinoa

2 medium sized tomatoes, chopped into ¼ inch cubes

2 small handfuls cilantro, roughly chopped

12 cloves garlic, finely minced

¾ teaspoon salt


3 tablespoons grainy mustard

4 tablespoons Hoisin sauce

4 tablespoons plum sauce

4 tablespoons lime juice

½ cup olive oil


In a medium sized bowl, whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing until thoroughly combined. Set aside.

In a non-stick skillet, heat the 4 tablespoons olive oil on medium high heat for approximately 1 to 2 minutes until lightly smoking. Carefully place the salmon fillets on the hot skillet and sear for about 1 minute on each side. (This will yield a medium rare salmon. If you like the salmon well done, leave on for an extra 1 minute on each side).

Allow the seared salmon to rest briefly. While the salmon is resting, in a large bowl, toss together the cooked quinoa, cucumber chunks, cilantro, garlic and salt until well mixed. Spoon onto serving plates. Gently arrange the salmon on top of the quinoa salad and drizzle with the dressing. Serve immediately.