Most people who work full time jobs are well acquainted with the daily dilemma of how to eat a healthy lunch while being economical both financially and time-wise. Unless you work at a company that provides free and healthy lunches, you are probably struggling with how not to go over your budget with eating out every weekday and how not to spend copious amounts of time making lunch at home.

I encountered Zojirushi’s line of lunch boxes and was a convert from day one. A throwback to the olden days in Asia when elaborate meals were placed in beautifully lacquered and hand-painted carrying boxes, these modern day versions are nifty, ergonomically correctly designed and compact. With different compartments that retain heat and cold, you can pack a portion of last night’s healthy dinner along with some fresh fruit to go.

The compartments are microwavable and dishwasher safe, making a hot lunch and clean-up super easy. Whether you love traditional Asian meals complete with warm rice and side dishes or you prefer salads, dressing on the side and cut fruit, anything goes into these adorable containers, complete with utensils and carrying case. Its protective thermal bag with strap makes carrying into the office convenient and spill-proof. You could drop this down a staircase (I’ve done it) and other than food swishing around in their individual containers, everything stays intact (yes, even soup).

For those of you extra concerned about health, Zojirushi lunch boxes are BPA free, another in  a long line of attributes to Zojirushi’s awesome products.

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