Samsung Galaxy S III Review
This smartphone was a hands down winner with me the moment I got my hands on it. Watch the video above to see why I fell in love with it. Specs are below.

Basic Features:

  1. 4.8” HD screen (1280 x 720)
  2. Weighs 133 grams (roughly ¼ lb)
  3. 8.6 mm thickness
  4. 16/32 GB user memory plus micro SD slot (up to 64 GB memory)
  5. Powered by Android™ 4.0
  6. Battery standby time: with little to no use up to 3 days. with heavy apps use from fully charged about 1 day
  7. 2.5G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, GPS, NFC and BlueTooth Connectivity
  8. Camera: 8 MP, zero-lag shutter speed, Burst Shot- take up to 20 instant continuous shots, 1.9 MP front-facing camera records in HD

Multimedia & Sharing Features:

  1. S Beam- place two Galaxy S III phones back to back and you can transfer photos, videos, documents, etc.
  2. In 3 minutes, share a 1 GB file without Wi-Fi or cell phone signal
  3. Buddy Photo Share- recognizes friends’ faces for instant photo sharing
  4. Share Shot- send photos to your party guests so everybody has event memories
  5. AllShare Play- share and access files on multiple devices such as documents or multimedia files between the Galaxy III and tablet, PC or television
  6. AllShare Group- share and collaborate on documents, presentations and images with co-workers or multiple friends in real time
  7. Video Review- plays video thumbnails as movie clips
  8. SoundAlive tailors audio playback to type of content you’re viewing
  9. Screen Shots- Home and Power buttons used together provides immediate screen shots

Interactive Features:

  1. Smart Stay- phone recognizes when your eyes are on the screen so remains bright; when set down phone dims instantly
  2. S Voice™- voice command the phone to exit sleep mode, snooze, send a text message, answer a call and much more
  3. Direct Call- from text message mode to searching line for your favorite restaurant, you can call directly without switching screens from the ‘Direct Call’ button that appears everywhere
  4. Pop Up Player- allows continuous video play even if you have to leave the Video Player app in a small picture-in-picture window

Big Extras:

  1. Dropped and no scratches, no issues
  2. Placed in purse with numerous other items and never unlocked itself.

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