In a food meccah like Singapore, there is no shortage of great eateries that provide discerning palates with culinary delights that tickle the taste buds. There is however, one oasis in the tiny island nation, that surpasses all expectations of what beautifully presented, authentic Chinese cuisine should be.

Since its opening, Club Chinois has tantalized foodies with its exceptional array of delicacies and stunning interiors to the point that it has become a regular haven for celebrities, gourmands and even hosts the World Gourmet Summit. Forget typical lipstick red tablecloths and plastic chairs. Chinese cuisine has gone exotic and dare I say, romantic. Deep burgundies adorn the tables and walls in satiny fabrics, contrasting golds and dark chocolate browns. Fear not, chopsticks abound here, only in similarly royal reds and golds. The decor is a feast for the eyes as the food is for the soul.

One classic Chinese dish I usually abhorr, at Club Chinois, I always order. Their Special Fried Rice brings new meaning to “special,” with a melange of crabmeat, chicken, scallops, crispy salted fish and black truffled abalone. This is Fried Rice the way the Emperors ate it. Another personal favorite is the Seared Jumbo Prawns on top of a creamy Scallop Mousse in Lobster Jus. Peking Duck is perfectly crispy while the meat is tender and livened with fresh tropical fruits.

Every traditional, classic Chinese dish is brought to new heights of succulent flavors, precise textures and absolutely gorgeous presentations. Desserts are equally stunning with inventions like White Wine & Blueberry Mousse topping my list of favorites. Club Chinois will deservedly hold its own long after its competitors have bit the dust, adding great reason to why Singapore is one of the world’s premier food destinations. This is truly a restaurant for enjoying the greatest pleasures in life and for stunning visitors to my favorite tropical nation.