Hong Kong Milk Coffee
If you’ve ever set foot in Hong Kong or Southeast Asia, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered this delicious concoction known as Hong Kong Milk Coffee. What’s the difference between Hong Kong Milk Coffee and regular Cafe Au Lait or Lattes? Hong Kong Milk Coffee uses evaporated milk- an ingredient that is widely used in Asia. The creaminess of evaporated milk completely enhances┬áthe flavor profile of whatever coffee you use, making it smoother. A touch of sugar (though this is totally optional) lends an overall gentle sweetness to this very popular Asian drink.

Serves 4

4 cups freshly brewed hot coffee
4 tablespoons sugar (adjust to taste)
2 cups evaporated milk at room temperature


Divide the evaporated milk evenly into four serving cups or glasses.

Add one cup of coffee and one tablespoon of sugar per serving glass/cup. Stir gently until thoroughly mixed and serve immediately.