There are two simple methods I use to cook traditional white sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice or sweet rice. The first method is employed throughout Thailand, Laos, Burma and Cambodia, requiring two special pieces of kitchen tools, a woven bamboo basket and aluminum steaming pot (see above image).

When choosing the very traditional method of cooking sticky rice with the bamboo basket and aluminum pot, simply follow these easy instructions.

  1. The night before you intend to cook the sticky rice, place the grains of sticky rice in a large bowl and soak in cold water overnight. Make sure all the grains of rice are completely submerged in water.
  2. The next day, drain the sticky rice from the water. Place at least three to four inches of water in the pot (possibly more depending on how much sticky rice you’re cooking) and bring to a vigorous boil on high heat.
  3. Carefully place the bamboo basket on top of the aluminum pot (they should fit perfectly), then add the sticky rice into the basket. Cover the rice using a thoroughly wet towel or moistened cheesecloth. Alternatively, simply place the cover of a small or medium sized pot on top of the rice within the bamboo basket. Depending on how much rice you’re cooking, cooking time will vary anywhere from about 20 minutes to as long as nearly an hour.

Allow the sticky rice to cool for a few minutes before serving.

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