Seamlessly blending the best of modern luxury, fashion and food trends with ancient temples, the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo joins one of the world’s most elite groups of masterpieces. In Tokyo’s famed Roppongi district, this gem features spectacular interiors, occupying floors of Tokyo’s tallest skyscraper. With a panoramic view of Tokyo’s city line and the majestic Mount Fuji, both locals and visitors alike are entranced. It’s difficult to decide which of the hotel’s amenities to speak of first; each is as mind blowing as the other.

Guest suites enchant their occupants with lavish swaths of silken fabrics and hand-woven carpeting. In keeping with Ritz-Carlton tradition, cozy and contemporary continue to be the trend. This particular property though, exudes an individual character of its own, with accents of Japanese woodwork and art pieces. Bathrooms are exquisite with large sunken tubs amidst endless marble, while a picture window allows a relaxing bath to metastasize into a deliriously sinful experience. If guests can pull themselves away from the rose petal bubble bath, another difficult decision arises as there are five sumptuous dining options to choose from.

Make no mistake about it- this is not your typical hotel that has an abundance of choice for the sake of choice. Each of these culinary venues exists with strong presence, reason and character. Hinokizaka has already earned a Michelin Star, highly coveted by every top restaurant the world over. Featuring stunning minimalist interiors true to Japanese culture, Hinokizaka has become one of Tokyo’s stars, serving succulently fresh sushi, authentic teppanyaki and perfectly crunchy tempura. What makes Hinokizaka a must for every travel connoisseur’s life list is its 200 year old formal Japanese Tea room. In a modern skyscraper, to step back centuries in history is an anomaly you treasure dearly.

At the hotel’s signature Forty Five, Sunday Brunch features flowing Dom Perignon and a seemingly endless spread of the world’s finest creations. Should guests feel the need to work off the delicate Tempura, a 21,528 square feet Spa and Fitness Center awaits, boasting an expansive indoor pool, luxurious treatment rooms, whirlpools with gorgeous city line views and steam rooms. The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo has certainly posed a great threat to the bustling city’s list of top hotels. Most impressive though, has been the worldwide clientele’s continuous buzz about the unparalleled level of attentive and caring service. Nothing seems to be impossible here, except perhaps, failing to exceed everybody’s expectations.

Ritz Carlton Tokyo