Tropical and sophisticated Singapore is home to a plethora of good hotels but few can proudly lay claim to being the best. The Ritz Carlton Millennia has been stunning guests from around the globe for well over a decade. A spectacular combination of avant-garde showpieces, contemporary interior design and the infamous service of the ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ of Ritz Carlton provide an unforgettable home to travelers weary from the hustle and bustle of modern Singapore. With so many dazzling elements within the hotel, it’s difficult to decide which makes this Ritz property cuts above its numerous competitors in the island nation.

Guest rooms are amongst the most spacious in all of Asia, swathed in silken draperies, hand-woven Tibet rugs, plush bedding and breathtaking views of the Singapore Marina and skyline from gargantuan picture windows. The pi├Ęce de resistance within the already gorgeous guest suites could arguably be the equally spacious marble bathrooms. Whether you’re into bubble baths or not, you will most definitely take one in the large soaking tub with an accompanying technologically savvy octagonal window. At the push of a button, the window transforms from privately opaque to crystal clear, revealing an awe-inspiring view that would be difficult to match anywhere in the world.

While staying at the Ritz Carlton Millennia, cuisine of a supreme order is aplenty. With four world-class dining options, guests could hardly find a need to eat elsewhere. From the award winning Sunday Champagne Brunch at Greenhouse, offering a seemingly endless array of mouth-watering delicacies to traditional Afternoon Tea Singapore style at the beautiful and always lively Chihuly Lounge, global flavors are represented exquisitely.

For those needing a respite from stressful work or tropical heat, the Spa is no less luxurious than the hotel. An astounding menu of services from a romantic Couples’ Honey Massage to Ginseng Hydrotherapy and Butler drawn baths, the Spa is ready to pamper individuals in the superlative manner that only the Ritz can accomplish. The Ritz Carlton Millennia certainly lives up to the Gold Standard all Ritz properties prescribe to, but more importantly, it far exceeds the standards set by all its competitors, making this hotel, one of the best in the world.

Ritz Carlton Millennia