At Asian Fusion, we are obsessed with drinking tea. Beyond the obvious fact that it is a profound part of our cultural heritage, tea is also a powerful method of cleansing and regulating our bodies. As we travel the world constantly in search of purveyors of fine tea, we occasionally come across a company that manages to accomplish the very difficult task of honoring this ancient Asian tradition while maintaining an uncompromising level of quality and authenticity.

We discovered Shangrila Tea, a company whose illustrious presence in the industry has earned it accolades from the likes of North American Tea Champion and World Tea Expo. What sets this tea company apart from all the others? They’re organic, their commitment to supreme quality, their awesome range of products and the fact that their original company has been in the tea business for well over a century.

From a variety of loose leaf teas to those lovely silken pyramid sachets, iced teas and everything in between, Shangrila Tea has a product to feed every tea fanatics’ cravings. If you’re obsessed with experiencing tea via both scent and flavor, don’t miss Shangrila’s exquisite and exotic Floral White Tea in loose leaf. A powerful combination of antioxidant white tea with intoxicating blends of flowers, fruits and sweet spices create a cup of hot tea that washes away all traces of a bad day. Those of you with a penchant for iced tea will fall in love with the Fountain of Youth- a refreshing and addictive blend of white tea, the uber-popular acai berry, sweet lychee and other tropical fruits. This is the iced tea blend to trump all other iced teas. Serve it at a party and wait for giddy exclamations of joy; better make enough.

As if we needed another reason to love Shangrila, their tea gardens are part of the Rainforest Alliance, which entails the upholding of strict environmental and social standards including conservation, healthcare and protection for their workers and education for workers’ children. Now there’s a company with a conscience.

Shangrila Tea Company

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