Aloe Vera Helps Hair Growth- Natural Ways To Grow Hair

Aloe Vera is widely used throughout the world in cosmetics, medicine and even in beverages. Though the plant’s origins are thought to be in northern Africa, today it is arguably most popular in Asia. Asians have cultivated Aloe Vera for multi-purpose use, including skincare, medical care, garden beautification, beverages and desserts.

This spiky green plant has long been scientifically studied for its numerous health benefits that include the potential treatment of numerous allergies, sunburn, infections, acne, menstrual cramps, nausea, fatigue, diabetes, dandruff, bruising and even cancers. Aloe contains many active compounds such as mannans, polymannas and lectins. Not being a medical doctor or biological scientist, I’m certainly not qualified to discuss Aloe Vera’s exact scientific benefits. I speak about Aloe from my lifelong personal encounters with this powerful plant.

As a child, my mother used to rub the gel-like insides of fresh aloe all over my scalp (after washing hair) to stimulate healthy hair growth and prevent dandruff. Call it folklore practices of traditional Asian parents but sure enough, within two weeks of thrice-weekly usage, there was a discernible increase of new hair growth. Further, it seemed to diminish the number of hairs shed during washing. I also never had dandruff while using aloe consistently. Given that neither of my parents have an over-abundance of hair and that I was the only child in the family that had aloe rubbed on my head consistently throughout my childhood years resulting in what my dermatologist says is a high number of hairs per square inch, I must credit Aloe.

Is this scientifically proven? I don’t know. What I do know is that it has worked for my siblings and me. I think any natural alternative is worth a try before resorting to harsh chemicals that have terrible side effects and surgery for hair transplants.

Curious what my hair looks like? Here it is.

Aloe Vera Helps Hair Growth