Ritz Carlton Boston Common- Best Hotels in Boston

It’s taken for granted perhaps, the high expectations we have when staying at any Ritz Carlton property. In a city as large and metropolitan as Boston though, finding consistency in quality and service is not always an easy task. I’ve had the pleasure (and displeasure) of staying at numerous hotels in Boston but none can hold a candle to the Ritz Carlton Boston Commons. Through the years, this hotel has worked hard at keeping up its elegant charm and sophisticated interiors, undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation as recently as 2008. Walking through the grandiose glass doors of the entry, you’re greeted by friendly smiles at the front desk on the right and concierge on the left, with Avery Bar’s glowing fireplace beckoning in the distance, straight ahead.

Within ten minutes walking distance of Boston’s historic landmarks, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the theatre district (where I like to grab a cup of coffee at Café Nero), a hotel could not be better situated to be in the midst of all that this college town has to offer. In keeping with the rich presence of numerous world class educational institutions in the greater Boston area, this Ritz Carlton has cleverly integrated a pared down environment than the usually opulent properties Ritz is known for. Make no mistake about it- luxurious creature comforts still abound. Instead of a sea of signature gold fabrics though, touches of muted browns and billowing white chiffon have been added to suggest a quieter elegance.

As expected in a Ritz property, every guest suite is fitted with plush bedding, Bose sound systems, and marble baths with sunken tubs; most have stunning views of the lush greenery of Boston Commons (or blanket of snow, depending on what time of year you visit). The club level offers an added level of luxury with a private lounge that serves gourmet delicacies throughout the day. The hotel’s popular Avery Bar serves as one of Boston’s hottest meeting grounds where thirty and forty somethings gather after work to mingle over tapas style goodies and unique concoctions which are charmingly dubbed “pre-Prohibition drinks.”

For those who have indulged a bit too much in the Ritz’s gourmet offerings and addictive cocktails, The Sports Club and Spa await to help burn excess calories or soothe away tired limbs. Animal lovers will be thrilled to know that this luxury hotel in Boston does not turn its nose away at the furry members of your family.

One of the best aspects of staying at the Ritz Carlton Boston Commons is spending a day trekking through all the nearby neighborhoods on foot- the actual Boston Commons itself, even nearby Chinatown (grab a bowl of pho at Pho Pasteur if you don’t mind braving mediocre service for good pho), the high-end shops of Newbury and then, at the end of a fun-filled adventurous day, settle back in your Ritz room and order up room service. Without fail, every single time I’ve stayed here and every single time I’ve ordered room service, the service staff have always been exceptionally kind and charming, very much in keeping with the reputation of the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ritz Carlton.

Should you need those hard to get sports tickets or a last minute dinner reservation at one of Boston’s many laudable eateries, talk to Gabe at concierge. A member of Les Clefs D’Or (the prestigious association of top hotel concierges), Gabe is everything you would expect from the Ritz Carlton- incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, genuinely friendly and loves his job so much that his enthusiasm will never fail to make you smile. 

Classic Ritz Carlton gold standard service prevails, showering each guest with individual attention and a touch of authentic Boston charm (or as they say in Boston- “chaahm”). There is absolutely no fault to be found at the Ritz Carlton Boston Commons- only intelligent design, pampered service and classic luxury. An absolute win.

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