When you sit in meditation please do not move your body at all. Sit with your back nicely straight but not rigid. Try to have every vertebrae stacked comfortably one on top of the other. This position has the tendency to bring your chest up a little so it can be easier to radiate the feeling of love.

Sit with your legs in a comfortable position. If you cross them too tightly the circulation in your legs may stop, causing your legs to go to sleep and this becomes very painful. If you need to sit on a cushion or even in a chair, that is okay. If you sit in a chair however, please don’t lean back into it. Leaning back stops the energy flow up your back and can make you feel sleepy. Just sit in a comfortable way.

Please don’t move your body while sitting. Don’t wiggle your toes; don’t wiggle your fingers; don’t scratch; don’t rub; don’t rock your body; don’t change your posture at all. In fact, if you can sit as still as the Buddha image in front of you, this would be the best. If you move around, it becomes a big distraction to your practice and you won’t progress very quickly at all.

While you are sitting, radiating the warm-glowing feeling of Loving Kindness in the center of your chest and making a sincere wish, feeling that wish in your heart, your mind will wander away and begin to think about other things. This is normal.