Honor MD Stimulate- Best Retinol Cream

Ever since entering my 30’s, I’ve been obsessive about skincare. If you’re over 30, many of you can probably identify with my sentiments of better to be obsessive about prevention and maintenance than to later be obsessed with plastic surgery, botox and whatever else exists out there that change you into someone else with skin that does not really look younger. If you’re under 30, trust me on this- if you take care of your skin religiously starting at a young age, you will be incredibly grateful you did so years down the road.

Six months ago I was introduced to Dr. John Diaz’s small but potent line of products under the Honor MD Brand, including one called Stimulate which for all intents and purposes can be considered a serum of sorts, containing Retinol 0.5% and vitamins C and E. Products containing Retinol are a dime a dozen on the skincare market but not all these products are created equally.

In a pump tube, Stimulate is a light cream colored creamy substance that glides on your skin easily and disappears almost as soon as you’ve applied it. I use this at night only, as one of my serums pre-moisturizer. I would not recommend using this in the morning as you don’t want to be using a product whose job is to slough off dead skin while you’re out and about at work and other activities, exposed to the sun. Even as little exposure as we might get walking in and out of buildings or while driving can wreak havoc with our skin, even if you are religious about sunscreen. I know firsthand that there is no sunscreen out there, no matter how high quality or high SPF, that is powerful enough to protect your skin from coming out with those unsightly brown sunspots that make us look much older than we are.

Using Stimulate at night, I didn’t notice any particular lightening of spots in the first week though I did feel a noticeable overall smoothening of my skin. The real and dramatic results came about four months after nightly use.

Firstly, I saw a few friends I had not seen since prior to using Stimulate. They all commented on how gorgeous and smooth my skin looked, asking if I had done anything.

Secondly, I had an appointment with my facialist who excitedly exclaimed over and over how very smooth and soft my skin was and what a huge difference it was from months ago. She didn’t believe me when I told her it was due to my increasing my intake of fresh blueberries and strawberries so I finally admitted to her that I was using Stimulate. She went on to comment for a half hour straight how previously, my skin had been in very good shape already with no acne, no wrinkles or fine lines and generally smooth but that now, it was so silky that she could barely do extractions (apparently Stimulate helped clear out clogged pores).

What Honor MD promises with Stimulate- that it dramatically reduces fine lines, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation- it’s 100% true. You just have to be patient with it and don’t expect miracles overnight. An added benefit to Stimulate is that unlike many other harsh Retinol products, your skin doesn’t do much flaking or peeling. It’s just this gentle, long term hard-working anti-aging product that makes you feel “wow” just a few months down the line when you realize that everybody else is seeing a “new” you.

If the name Dr. John Diaz rings a bell, it might be because he’s an eminent plastic surgeon and skincare specialist in Beverly Hills whose clients include a bevy of Hollywood stars. Ironically, if we keep using Dr. Diaz’s skincare line, we won’t be needing to visit his plastic surgery practice and I am all for that.

At $65 for a 1 fl oz/30 mL pump tube that lasts a solid four months, this anti-aging Retinol cream is one of the best long term skincare solutions you will find on the market today. Save yourself the heartache, physical ache and financial ache of botox schmotox and plastic surgery down the road.

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