Orlane Vivifying Lotion

One of the perks of my job as CEO of AsianFusion and as a journalist is conducting skincare product reviews. Most of the time this is a fantastic perk that results in discovering powerful skincare products. Every now and then though, I encounter that one product which is either plain bad or one that I’m allergic too (that others might find to be a good product for them). In late summer to early fall of this year, I encountered such a product that caused me to breakout. Despite having oily/combination skin, thankfully I don’t actually have regular breakouts due to a very careful skincare routine and eating well.

After not having had a rush of breakouts like this one since my teenage years, I knew one of the products must be causing it. It took a while to filter everything down to the actual product that was causing it but I finally did it.

Once I stopped using the product, my skin didn’t get worse but it took nearly two months for it to return to its usual soft, clear smoothness. I started using Orlane’s Vivifying Lotion at the same time as trying to heal my abused skin and this toning lotion aided the recuperation process immensely.

Contained in a large bottle, this sky blue toning lotion has a gentle floral scent that you get a distinct whiff of upon applying the lotion with a cotton pad. The scent dissipates fairly quickly leaving just a trace of itself. 

I know a lot of women skip the toner step with budget constraints in mind but the importance of a great toner is very underscored. The right toner can do a number of vital jobs:

  • cleanses off any remaining make-up or oily residue that washing your face may have missed (and it DOES miss sometimes)
  • preps skin to absorb any serums or moisturizers far better than applied on its own
  • helps treat clogged pores
  • hydrates tired, wrinkled skin
  • helps reduce puffiness.

Orlane’s Vivifying Lotion delivers on every one of these points. Even better- it’s alcohol-free. Alcohol-free is a must for me, with my oily/combination skin, as I’ve found that harsh alcohol-laden products tend to exacerbate breakouts AND dryness. The Vivifying Lotion’s key ingredient, B21 Bio Energic Plant complex, helps to deliver on Orlane’s promises of creating a soft, pH balanced and hydrated canvas of your skin prior to subsequent treatments.

You’ll find the Vivifying Lotion available at US $60 for a 250 ml bottle that last about 6 months with twice daily use. I cannot stress the importance of incorporating a great toner into your daily skincare routine and Orlane’s Vivifying Lotion is as powerful as it gets for a reasonable price and a product that goes a long way towards youthful, problem-free skin.

Good for: All skin types.

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