Le Mieux Bio Cell Mask- Brightening Face Mask

Those of you familiar with my skincare tips and product reviews know by now that I’m a big fan of great spas around the world but that I’m a bigger fan of powerful skincare products for home use. As someone with combination skin, ensuring that my face is properly balanced with ample moisture is never an easy task.

Many products geared towards oily/combination skin are filled with aggravating chemicals that result in visibly enlarged pores, or worse yet, an actual breakout. Contrary to popular belief, oily or combination skin should not be stripped of its natural moisture. This extreme measure leads to more breakouts and oiliness as your skin attempts to regulate itself.

When I recently came across a Bio Cell Mask from Le Mieux, I was hopeful but skeptical (the attitude I typically have when trying any new skincare product). Billed as a super mask that promises to hydrate, brighten, firm and lift sagging skin, and works on all skin types, Le Mieux set itself up for huge expectations.

These Bio Cell masks come in a box with 4 sachets, each containing a white paper-like material saturated with freeze-dried marine collagen, potent peptides, botanical extracts and a stable form of Vitamin C. Formulated to be used after your regular cleansing routine and prior to moisturizer, you place the mask over your face (it’s cutout to fit any sized face) and leave it to rest for about 15 minutes. After removing the mask, you do not wash off the serum residue but instead follow up with your regular moisturizing routine.

The first time I used Le Mieux’s Bio Cell Mask, my skin was richly smooth, as if I’d soaked my face in coconut milk without the oily residue. Half an hour after removing the mask, my skin still tingled from the mask’s cooling properties. Did it succeed in brightening my skin? It certainly seemed like it but the next morning was the telltale sign.

Before even washing my face in the morning, I observed closely, looking for changes. What I noticed was an overall tightening and the smoothness remained through the night. A week later, I used the mask once again with the same results. These days, before any photo shoot or important event, I use Le Mieux’s Bio Cell Mask for an instant tightening and super-hydration boost to give my skin a naturally dewy appearance without caking on layers of foundation and highlighting make-up (all of which can exacerbate breakouts).

This mask truly does work well for all skin types since it balances oily/combination and gives a needed boost of hydration to normal or dry skin. Use just once per week to boost the overall health of your skin.

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