How To Turn Any Shower Into An Aromatherapy Experience

Rare is the creature that does not enjoy a hot, steamy shower, especially after a long day. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting any type of spas, you’ll probably have experienced proper steam rooms. I’ve long been obsessed with aromatherapy steam rooms, typically found in the world’s best spas and hotels. 

Aromatherapy is a millennia old tradition in Asia- used to combat a variety of health issues including congestion, headaches, nausea and exhaustion. Depending on what ailment you’re trying to combat, physicians would prescribe different essential oils and how best to use them for treatment. Even today aromatherapy is still popular with many Asian physicians and is of course widely used in massage and spas all over the world.

Most people don’t have the luxury of building their own steam room at home or constantly laying around in an aromatherapy steam room at a spa or hotel but that does not mean you can’t create your own aromatherapy steam shower at home. 

Less than US $10 is all you need to create my DIY Aromatherapy Steam Shower, and chances are, you won’t even need to spend that because you might already have what we need.

  1. A bottle of your favorite essential oil. Two of my favorites are lavender and eucalyptus, though you can use any aroma you prefer.
  2. 1 small hand towel.

Having a hard time believing this is all it takes? Well, it’s true. Just these 2 things plus your shower and of course, hot water. So here’s what you do.

  1. Set aside a quiet, relaxing moment to indulge in this aromatherapy steam shower. Make sure nobody’s going to bother you. Close the door to your bathroom.
  2. Spray the entire inside of your shower (all the walls, any glass doors and/or shower curtain) with cold water. Just a quick but thorough spray will do.
  3. Take your bottle of essential oil and lightly flick a few drops of the oil along the walls of the shower. Make sure to get a few drops along all sides.
  4. Now take that small hand towel, lightly soak it with water and roll it up. Flick a few drops of the essential oil along the rolled up towel and place the towel somewhere in the shower closest to face level- like where your soap or shampoo bottles might sit if you use a shower caddy. 
  5. Turn on your shower all the way to the hottest it can get and just leave it running for a few seconds until the steam begins to rise. Once the steam is rising, turn the water to your desired temperature; get in there, breathe deeply and enjoy!

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy your shower like one!