May Lindstrom The Problem Solver- a warming correcting masque that clears acne, blackheads and cleans out pores. A charcoal mask for perfect skin.

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver- Warming Correcting Masque (Charcoal Mask for Perfect Skin)

A few months ago I had my first experience with May Lindstrom skincare, testing an exfoliating product called The Clean Dirt. It was love at first application so I was excited to try my second foray into the May Lindstrom brand with The Problem Solver, a warming correcting masque that I now use alternating with The Clean Dirt.

To use The Problem Solver, you mix one tablespoon of the powder with just shy of one tablespoon of water, stirring gently with the May Lindstrom brush until you see bubbles arising and a frothing sound happens. The end consistency should be that of a mousse.

My first impressions while applying The Problem Solver were of the scent of dark chocolate mixed with spices like turmeric and nutmeg, an all around earthy smell that was comforting. The brush that May Lindstrom produces to go along with her masks make the skincare process fun like being in a science lab, not to mention the brush is adept at spreading the mask evenly and smoothly.

After a minute or so, I felt an ever so light tingling, warm feeling (I’m used to potent skincare products so if your skin is virgin skin to these types of masks, you may feel the tingling more than I do). It’s nothing painful at all; in fact, I love the tingling feeling. You can almost feel this charcoal mask vacuum out all the dirt and oil from your pores as it slowly dries and hardens.

After initial use, even while washing off the mask, I could feel my skin was luxuriously, silky soft, with results equal to that of going to the best facialists in the world. After trying a new skincare product, I do what every facialist warns us not to do- I turn on the brightest lights in my bathroom and I inspect my face in a 20x magnifying mirror. After all, if I’m going to recommend a product to you, I’d better be sure it works beautifully on me.

Sometimes when I don’t have time to go to my facialist, I do my own extractions at home following proper procedures of the cleansing, steaming, then extracting. Those of you who do your own extractions know exactly what I’m referring to when I talk about those little beads of “rice” that come of out of your nose or enlarged pores. The Problem Solver seems to have done an automated job of my typically manual extraction process. I kid you not- the pores on my nose and around my t-zone that I’d purposefully left unextracted prior to using this masque were almost all clean. Only a few stubborn sebaceous filaments on the nose remained.

That earlier tingling warmth I described- that seemed to have been part of the action that literally vacuumed out the dirt from the pores kind of like those Biore pore strips (minus the ripping off part). The next morning my face was perfection in its softness and cleanliness- pores nice and tight. What ingredients are in this potent elixir May Lindstrom has concocted? Here are some of my favorite highlights.

Fuller’s Earth Clay
Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay
Raw Cacao
Red Alaea Sea Salt
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Sodium Bicarbonate
Bamboo Carbon Charcoal Powder
Vanilla Bean,
Lavender Flower
Marshmallow Root
Gotu Kola

Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Wild Harvested.

Unlike many other masks that promise to do the same, May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver comes in powder format so that all those potent ingredients become fully activated only upon contact with water, ensuring we always get a “fresh” masque, so to speak. This makes a huge difference compared to other products already pre-mixed where once the jar, bottle or tube is open, like anything else with moisture content, the oxidation process begins.

After 4 months of weekly use, my skin is happy and has never been in more beautiful condition than it is today, which comes from several factors of course, including a good diet, exercise and excellent skincare routing of which May Lindstrom is an integral part.

At US $100 for a glass jar that lasts approximately 6 months with 1 time per week use, given the high quality ingredients May Lindstrom uses and the relaxation of being in your own home while partaking in self care, this is a far better value than going to a facialist and definitely huge value for acne-free, blackhead-free, clear, clean skin. And remember May Lindstrom’s mantra of making skincare and self care fun again.

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May Lindstrom The Problem Solver- a warming correcting masque that clears acne, blackheads and cleans out pores. A charcoal mask for perfect skin.