Most people would think that women would be easy to shop for but the opposite can be true sometimes. There’s an endless array of possibilities to choose from- clothing, jewelry, kitchen tools, food related gifts, to name a few. The issue with clothing and jewelry is that even more so than other gifts, these require really knowing a woman’s taste. Otherwise, you’ll gift that sweater you thought was gorgeous but ends up collecting moth eaten holes in someone’s closet. My list of 10 Best Gifts for Women takes into account a range of budgets and purposes while ultimately designed to make a woman feel uplifted, cared for, energized and inspired.

Why It’s Great: For the woman that adores feeling like a queen with silken skin, Omorvicza’s Gold Body Scrub is just the gift for her. Delicately scented with an array of floral essences, this luxurious body scrub incorporates anti-inflammatory gold to gently but powerfully scrub off dead skin cells. Its fair trade sugar glides over skin without harsh tugging, bathing her body in an overall glow.


Price: US $90

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2. MEMBERSHIP TO YOGA/PILATES/MEDITATION CLASS. If you have a woman in your life who has expressed interest in taking up yoga, Pilates or meditation, here’s your chance to jump start her into a healthier lifestyle. Most yoga, Pilates and meditation centers around the world will allow you to purchase a one-time class or a trial membership that could include several sessions. This would give her the chance to see if these activities are of serious interest to her. If it is, she’ll remember you for helping her get on that healthier, more peaceful path.

3. PERSONAL BABYSITTING COUPONS. If you can’t afford to buy gifts, you’re not alone. Most people wildly overspend during the holidays, gifting gifts that the recipients end up not using or throwing away. If you want to gift something that costs zero dollars but demonstrates how much you really care about someone, gift your time and effort. For a woman with children, (or just one child), the gift of babysitting can be a life saver. Obviously, you’ll have to make sure that your schedules coordinate whenever she redeems your babysitting coupon but when she does, you can bet that on her date night with her husband/boyfriend or on her girls’ night out, afternoon spa, or whatever she chooses to do with her time, she’ll appreciate that it was because of you that she has that time.

4. A CLEAN HOUSE. Whether you’re thinking of a gift for a single woman, a married woman or whatever the case may be, I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t appreciate a clean house. I have however, met many women who are outstandingly busy juggling multiple jobs, a soaring career, family life and whatever else she may have going on. There’s not always enough time in a week to keep a house tidy. You come up with the brilliant idea of gifting house cleaning services. Whether you can afford to gift a one-time cleaning service or multiple times, this is one gift that all women will be thankful for.

5. GIFT AN EXPERIENCE. It’s an unfortunate reality but many of us women have been conditioned to think that a new designer purse or pair of shoes will bring us happiness when nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong- there’s nothing wrong with enjoying great fashion but like any other material item, it can only bring us momentary joy instead of true contentment and happiness. Studies have proven that beyond a certain financial threshold, life experiences are what give us lasting memories and overall happiness- not another Gucci or Prada bag. Here are a few “experience” ideas for the women in your life.

  • Wine Appreciation Class. For women who love wine, this will be a highly appreciated gift. Not only does it give the gift of knowledge, it provides a few hours of immersing in fragrant wines. If you happen to live near vineyards and wineries, you’ll have a huge choice of wine classes to choose from. If you don’t, look into restaurants that have a good wine list. All across the globe there are restaurants that hold wine appreciation evenings or weekend classes.
  • Dance Class. Most women I know love to dance. Not all of them can. Every city big and small that I’ve ever been to (with the exclusion of remote villages) has some type of dance class and dance instructor. Most cities give you a plethora of choices. Whether it’s ballroom, salsa or modern hip hop, most dance classes for beginners are pretty affordable. You don’t have to give a whole year’s worth of lessons, just a teaser (1, 2 or 3 classes). Remember, these ideas are about gifting an experience. Maybe you’ll help your girlfriend, friend, mother or sister discover a hidden talent or passion that they will continue on with and they’ll have you to thank.
  • Indoor Skydiving. A lot of women, like me, fancy the idea of skydiving but for one reason or another would never actually do the real thing. Indoor Skydiving is an excellent option that allows you to get the thrill of sky diving in a safe, controlled environment.

6. SPA DAY. Technically, this falls under an experience but spa treatments are so big with women that it deserves to be a category of its own. Like a clean house, I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t appreciate having her face, body, nails and/or hair pampered professionally. Whether you can budget for a simple manicure/pedicure combo or a full body massage and facial, spa treatments will leave the lucky lady feeling relaxed and glowing. You can check your local area for great spa treatment deals or choose one of my favorites below for an overall outstanding spa experience.

Ritz Carlton
Four Seasons
Aman Resorts

Why It’s Great: If you know a woman who is regularly stressed out and appreciates a long, hot shower, this is the perfect gift for her. Pevonia’s Saltmousse couldn’t be more aptly named- its sea salt sloughs off those pesky dead skin and any environmental dirt you may have picked up throughout the day very effectively without irritating the skin, while the orange hued gel that the salt is suspended in moisturizes, all with a deliciously alluring scent of delicate pineapple (the mango and passionfruit together somehow mutate to a sweet pineapple fragrance).


Price: US $33.50

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Why It’s Great: Candles have long been one of the most popular gifts for women but traditional candles left a not so appreciated effect- carcinogens from the burning wax and harmful chemicals from those that were treated with fragrances. Enter today’s answer for candle lovers- Soy Bean Rico Candles. Made from pure soybeans with elegant (not overpowering) fragrances derived from natural essential oils, these candles are so safe that the creator even uses the melted candle as a body moisturizer. On top of an already amazing product, the candles come in adorable, reusable glass jars packaged within recycled brown cardboard box with ribbons. Travel sized tins with mini ribbons are also available.


Price: Starts at US $15

Where to Buy:

Why It’s Great: For any woman 30 and above, a potent anti-aging serum works wonders to fight against the powerfully negative effects of environmental pollution and sun damage. Shiseido, which unbeknownst to most of the public, holds many patents to the skincare technologies used by other major cosmetic brands, developed its Bio Performance Serum to help a woman’s skin do what it should do optimally- appear toned, firm and smooth.


Price: US $80

Where to Buy:, Department Stores worldwide,

10. THE GIFT OF READING. It’s a marketing fact that women are much more voracious buyers of books than men. This is one material item that none of us can have too many of. Books are one of the greatest gifts of all time, serving educational, spiritual, inspirational and humorous purposes. For the book loving woman in your life, you can go from the simple gift certificate to a bookstore to choosing specific books for her if you know her tastes well enough. Whether it’s a book that makes her laugh, think seriously or makes her get lost in a fictional world of dreams, few things can take us away or empower as much as books.

Pictured Above- (l-r) The Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan, Haunting Jasmine by Anjali Banerjee and The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan