One quick glance at a Monet and I am entranced for hours on end in a dreamy state of bliss. To say Impressionists art is my favorite genre of art is an understatement. I recently paid a visit to the Legion of Honor’s Impressionists on the Water Exhibition, which is running from June 1st through October 13th, 2013. Regardless of the exhibition on site, it’s imperative to note that the Legion of Honor is itself a beautiful work of architectural art.

The winding roads surrounding the museum are part of what make San Francisco the most beautiful city in America with their spectacular views of the Pacific and the Golden Gate Bridge. Standing before the Legion of Honor is to stand at the gateway of a different world where historic pieces of some of the world’s greatest art envelopes our senses amidst marble columns and hallowed halls. From soaring ceilings to the echoing melodies of the organ player, an afternoon at the Legion of Honor brings back a sense of humanity missing in today’s world.

To closely examine the daydreams of Monet, Renoir, Caillebotte and their contemporaries, to for one moment feel a part of their afternoons by the river, on their boats, under their parasols- this was an exhibition I could not miss.

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