SANYA, CHINA – September 4, 2012 – Featuring blue sea and white sandy beach, Sanya always can touch romantic chords of people’s hearts and this is why more and more couples come to Sanya for vacation. How to be impressive on your holiday? Walking on the beach or getting suntan are not enough for romance. For this reason, a pretty new role come to our life, all their work is about love, they are at service for couples and they are experts in WOW stories, they are Romanceologists, coming from The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya. From 2008 of opening of the hotel, Romanceologist has been impressed a lot of couples and made them lifelong guests for hotel.

“The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya is a comfortable resort and famous for the fist waterfront chapel of Sanya. For most Chinese couples, they have no idea about how to express romantic feelings, so Romanceologist is the one brings love to life, arousing romantic yearning for guests, let them relax in the worry free paradise.” said Mr. Goget, General Manager of the hotel.

Joey Zhang, experienced Romanceologist, likes to decorate guest room with rose petals. Same rose, different decoration is one of herself standards. “ Each couple is one and only, so I hope the room for them is unique.” she said, ” I love my job, it’s just like Cupid, the difference between us is that Cupid makes people fall in love and I create romance for lovers and deepen their love. Every time I see crystal hearts of lovers and feel enthusiasm with guests, I find my happiness from job. This is the most attracted part. ”

Including Joey Zhang, these most romantic people of the hotel serenade guests with the sound of ocean waves, dim the lights at sunset, write love story on the paper of beach with pen of roses and candles to make hero and heroin feel like the only couple in the world. This is the most romantic job of the world because all the things they do are about love.


For Engagement:

1. Engagement Tips from our Romance expert for him/her
Surprise dinner on the beach is arranged with flowers and cake. With a pre-arranged personalized song by our local band as well as wedding ring at the bottom of the champagne glass. Moment later, a speed boat full of light passes by the beach with a huge banner written “will you marry me…” or Romantic stroll along a deserted beach…when they happened upon “will you marry me” written in Rose petals on the sand next to a picnic basket with champagne and romantic treats…

2. The Dive
The couple will be taken out for a private dive with an instructor where the man finds a beautiful shell (set moments ago by the dive instructor, as the man grab the shell he also put the ring inside), then they both come up back to the boat, open the shell and inside there is a diamond ring…. He proposes…

3. Love Song
Based on the local culture of the Li and Miao tribes (which are minority nations on Hainan Island) who have a unique culture in which that the man should sing a song when he would like to propose to a lady… The guest will have a mini sound system set up in the room, the man will sing a romantic song…. bend one of his knees to the lady and say “I Love You”…

4. Dinner on the Beach
Both having a romantic dinner in the cabana of Ritz-Carlton’s beach as local dancers perform romantic dances to entertain them with special fire works set off above them in heart shapes as the dancers give the man a diamond ring which he offers to his lady and asks…”will you marry me”…

For Wedding:

1. Pre wedding/Wedding Glamour Natural Picture for two
Guest will be directed by our professional photographer in their very own photo shoot in an effort to take a special picture set in a Romantic location. The location could be on the beach, mangrove, and mountain top, in secluded forest or at the base of cascading waterfall.

For Honeymoon:

1. Romantic Villa Dining
Special dinner arrangements in the villa garden with a private butler as the server. One hundred candles will be lit on the grass; romantic CD music will be playing in the back ground. After dinner, the couple will return to the villa where the butler has spread rose petal everywhere. The man leads the lady to bath room…where a Rose petal bath is waiting for them. Near the bathtub there is a bottle of champagne and a card expressing his love …

2. Private Cocktail on a Yacht during sunset
Guests will enjoy a private romantic cocktail with Butler service. Romantic music will accompany them during cocktails…The man says: “Just because I love you”…and then they spend the evening on the yacht before returning.

3. Couple Massage
Two therapists will come to the room and teach the couple how to perform massage for each other. After the short demonstration, the therapists will massage the guests using the techniques they just demonstrated. We will include a soothing spa CD, a bottle of massage oil, candle and rose petal bath for after the massage.

4. Spa on the Boat
The guests will be picked up by a private boat and then be taken to the middle of the bay during sunset time. Our professional therapists will provide a couple massages with romantic music playing in the background…there will be some fruits and healthy drinks waiting for them after the treatment.

5. Spa on the Beach for two
Have a romantic spa treatment together on a secluded part of our Ritz Carlton beach with our professional spa therapists, next to them there is small tent, and inside…there are some fruits and healthy drinks which they will enjoy after the treatment.

6. Yacht Escape
The couple is picked up by a yacht and whisked away to a private romantic location where a beautiful lunch is set. The yacht leaves the couple so that they may enjoy an afternoon of romance. At sunset the yacht comes back and they view the sunset from the yacht.

7. The Ritz-Carlton Signature Retreat
Indulge in a unique experience that promises the ultimate in luxury and opulence. Allow our spa butler to escort you and ‘your loved one’ to your own beautifully designed private spa suite, where you can enjoy total peace and seclusion while luxuriating in your own steam room, sunken bath and private changing facilities. A bottle of iced champagne, fresh exotic fruit and refreshments are presented for your enjoyment.

For Anniversary:

1. Anniversary Celebration
The wife eyes will be closed with a handkerchief and the husband will lead the way to the table. On the table there will be a card along with flowers and a small box. The small box will contain a pearl necklace and a card written…”Love forever”… (In advance, the husband will meet an upscale pearl vendor for options and Suggestion).

2. Surprise Romantic Gift
Dinner is pre arranged in a romantic resort setting….the Romanceologist will place a romantic gift on the bed a long with a card, scented candles and a rose petal bath which will wait for them after dinner. It is written “Happy Anniversary”…


1. Cooking Class for Villa Guests
Shopping in the local market with their personal butler, then they cook the ingredients accompanied by our Chef in villa, the couple learns form the chef to cook a special menu. After they finish cooking, they go to their villa gazebo which has been set up with special decorations where they will enjoy the food… Before departing, the Chef leaves the menu and recipe in a special Recipe Book.

2. Breakfast in Bed
The man has pre-arranged a romantic menu for his wife. The Romanceologist will deliver the breakfast to the room. Then the man will serve it for his lovely wife with a special tray set up to his wife who is still lying in bed.

3. Night Out
From our beach, the couple will be picked up by a boat, driven in the dark. The boat goes around offshore and lands in a bay. As soon the boat lands on the beach, eight torches are lit and a beautiful dinner begins…

4. Movie Theater villa guests
The butler will prepare a Romantic movie night in the villa where the couple will enjoy a classic romantic movie (Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare in Love etc.).…Chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne will be served by the Butler who will also prepare a Rose petal turn down leading the guest from living room to bed room.

5. Hiking Adventure
Guest will hike to the peak of a nearby mountain at dawn where they will enjoy a champagne breakfast as the sunrises….

6. The Dance
A pre arranged professional dance has been designed to teach guests basic romantic dances. They will dance on the beach under the beautiful moonlight on the top of a red carpet which has flowers placed all around them.

The following are the eight most Romantic settings in Sanya. Our Romanceologist will work with the guests to arrange individualized romantic escapes to any of these locations.

1. Nanshan Temple Juggle House (in front of Sea-based Kwan Yin Statue)
– Just in front of the Nanshan Temple, there is a terrace directly facing the South China Sea, from which visitors can admire the vast seascape and meanwhile view the spectacular high copper statue of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva. The couple can make wishes to the Goddess Kwan Yin for their love to strengthen and last forever.

Recommendation activities:

a. Engagement Tips from our Romance expert for him/her.
b. Anniversary Celebration.
c. Pre wedding/Wedding Glamour Natural Picture for two.
d. A romantic picnic.

2. Dongtian Park
– Sanya Dongtian Park is the most ancient scenic spot in the history of Hainan Province and the holy land of Taoist cultural tourism in the southernmost of china. The couple will experience the same feeling of being in a dream by walking along the winding stone path, sitting in the shade of coconut trees sipping tea and enjoying the blue sea, exploring immortal palace and grotto or tracing the ancient cultural relics.

Recommendation activities:
a. A romantic picnic
b. Pre wedding/Wedding Glamour Natural Picture for two.
c. Hiking Adventure
d. Dinner on the beach

3. Pearl River Nantian Hot Spring
– A brand-new concept of healthy hot spring recreation triggered by the exclusive “Three Elements” hot spring. It’s a perfect place for relaxation and a romantic picnic lunch.

Recommendation activities:
a. A romantic picnic

4. Wuzhizhou Island
Wuzhizhou Island was known as Guqizhou Island in ancient times with the earliest records dating from the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, The Island begins to enjoy a completely new reputation as a romantic place for holiday and leisure. As the island is in a tropical marine zone, the climate is temperate and pleasant all year round. It is an ideal place for vacation, winter swimming as well as entertainment. Guest may enjoy a romantic spa, picnic lunch or dinner.

Recommendation activities:
a. The Dive.
b. Hiking Adventure.
c. A romantic picnic

5. Waterfall at Mt. Diaoluo
There are beautiful lakes and mountains, ridges and peaks inside the national forest Park of Diaoluo Mountain, owning numerous natural tour views like the waterfall, river, pond, ancient woods and huge trees, strange flowers and grass, rock caves and unique stones. A multitude of plants are abundant, amounting to 3500 varieties!

Recommendation activities:
a. Pre wedding/Wedding Glamour Natural Picture for two.
b. Hiking Adventure.
c. A romantic picnic

6. Tianya Haijiao/End of the earth
– This is spectacular place facing the endless sea with Maling Mountain as a back drop. You will find coconut trees and numerous rocks scattered on the beach, the Chinese characters on the rock means “the end of earth and the corner of the ocean” which witness a moving eastern love story similar to Romeo and Juliet. The Guests can stroll on the beach, watch the waves, listen to the sea as well as collect shells. Today, Chinese couples still invoke this tale in their declarations of love, promising that they too, would go to the “end of the earth” for one another.

Recommendation activities:
a. Engagement Tips from our Romance expert for him/her.
b. Pre wedding/Wedding Glamour Natural Picture for two.
c. A romantic picnic

7. Luhuitou Park
– The name Luohuitou which means the deer turning its head back is derived from a moving love story. A long time ago, a tyrant emperor desired a pair of deer horn, so he forced a Li ethnic young man named Ahei to hunt for a deer in the mountainous areas. Once, when Ahei was hunting, he saw a beautiful spotted deer chased by a panther. He shot the panther with his arrow and ran after the deer for nine days and nine nights. After passing ninety-nine hills, they arrived at the Coral Cliff of Sanya. The deer found no way to escape except jumping into the sea while the hunter was bending his bow and ready to shoot. As it left, it turned its head back and miraculously changed into a beautiful girl. The hunter was overcome by her beauty and he instantly felt in love and the soon after married. Luohuitou Park is not only famous for this romantic love story, visitor will find the mountain has bird’s view of the sea and the entire Sanya city, which is magnificent. It is also as the perfect romantic place to enjoy the sunset between two mountains.

Recommendation activities:
a. A romantic picnic
b. Hiking Adventure.
c. Pre wedding/Wedding Glamour Natural Picture for two.
d. Candlelight dinner

8. Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest (northeast of Sanya City)
Gan Shi Ling features a number of protected species of fauna and flora and provides visitors with a unique opportunity to hike in a rugged rainforest environment where they could enjoy a romantic lunch under a tree surrounded by natural tropical wonders.

Recommendation activities:
a. Pre wedding/Wedding Glamour Natural Picture for two.
b. Hiking Adventure.
c. A romantic picnic

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