I’m a huge fan of DIY home spa treatments considering the sky high prices of designer products that rarely deliver the results the promise. This brown sugar honey scrub has been popular for quite a while now but I give it an extra special ingredient to tailor for specific skin types. The cool thing about this recipe is that it doubles as both a facial and a body scrub- simply increase the amounts.

Honey is a natural antibacterial which is great for the skin. Brown sugar is a gentle exfoliant, great for sloughing off dead skin and blackheads. With the addition of the individual ingredients below, you can get a highly customized scrub depending on what you need.

Ingredients (for 1 facial use- multiply by 4 for body scrub)
2 heaping tablespoons dark brown sugar
1 tablespoon honey
Add 1 of the following:
2 drops tea tree or basil essential oil (for oily/acne prone skin)
2 drops lavender or rose essential oil (for balancing)
2 drops orange or jasmine essential oil (for dry skin)


In a small container or bowl, mix together the ingredients into a pasty consistency. Smear onto dry face and rub gently in circular motions, concentrating on any problem areas. Rinse with cool water. If using as a body scrub, scrub firmly all over, especially on elbows, knees, thighs and feet. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.