Arguably the most popular and famous of coffee drinks from Asia, Vietnamese coffee is a decadent beverage that can easily be prepared at home. With just a few key ingredients and one tool, brewing the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee is simple. Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll need and the tips to follow.

Finely ground coffee
Condensed milk
Crushed ice (if serving cold)

Vietnamese coffee filter set (see image above)


  • In a mug or coffee cup, add a couple of tablespoons (or however much you prefer) of condensed milk. Place the Vietnamese coffee filter on top of the mug or cup.
  • After adding a few spoons of coffee to the filter, make sure that the loose piece fits well- not too tight as the ground coffee will get pushed through and not too loose as the water will seep right through without having had the chance to brew in the coffee. Having the filter piece perfectly on is the key to making the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee.
  • Add the hot water to fill the filter and cover, allowing to rest until the coffee has completely dripped through on top of the condensed milk. Stir well and serve either warm or with crushed ice.

Vietnamese coffee filter sets are easily found at most Asian grocery stores. For online purchases, check out these retailers:

Import Foods
Vietnamese Coffee Online