Bengawan Solo Bakery Singapore

When in Singapore- so many places to eat, so little time. The list of my favorite places to eat in Singapore could go on and on forever but alas, we at Asian Fusion have had to pick the ultimate eateries we would not miss going to if we had a limited time in the island nation. Bengawan Solo Bakery is our pick for one of Singapore’s best dessert and snack shops.

Created decades ago by a Chinese Indonesian lady who migrated to Singapore, Bengawan Solo is the embodiment of all that is great about Singapore. This lean mean pastry queen (Miss Anastasia) has been serving Singaporeans an outstanding array of Southeast Asian cakes, pastries and all types of sweets since the late 70’s. Though the bakery’s numerous offerings have a strong emphasis on traditional Indonesian fare, the pastry queen seamlessly integrates Singaporean favorites as well as classical European cakes into her repertoire.

There’s something for every palate at these adorable bakeries but here’s my list of personal favorites. The Kueh Pisang (which translates to Banana Cake) is my ultimate comfort dessert. Kueh Pisang is not to be mistaken for the typical banana cake that is famous in the West. Bengawan Solo’s version derives from the Indonesian jajan, or snack, which is more like a firm pudding with banana pieces in the middle. Lapis Sagu is another favorite, with its boldly colored layers, making this a mildly sweet dessert that resembles New Year’s festivities on the eyes. And finally, don’t miss the Lapis Surabaya, which is a rich, moist yellow and chocolate cake layered with to-die-for buttercream.

Many of the bakery’s goods can last a few days so stock up for long journeys when you can. If you mention that you’re going on an overseas trip, the staff is usually very accommodating about packing your goodies tightly in convenient boxes.

Bengawan Solo