In the new millennium, Beijing has set the stage for world-class fine dining. While there is no shortage of authentic delicacies in the mainland’s bustling capital, there are a few culinary destinations that must not be passed by. My Humble House in the Beijing Oriental Plaza is a dramatic stage for an unforgettable dining experience, within walking distance from the legendary Forbidden Palace.

With a soaring arched glass dome above, guests can sit back and view skyscrapers all around- the skyline that has thrust Beijing into the forefront of metropolitan living, almost overshadowing its rich and beautiful past. A spacious dining area with soft, bright lights, ultra-mod wooden tables and off-white contemporary furnishings blend well together with carefully selected tableware from around the world. Chinese artifacts bring old touches to minimalist design.

Despite its cool modern design, My Humble House holds true to its name, strongly focusing on traditional ingredients and techniques. The contemporary extends into the cuisine – merging familiar and old-style tastes with avant-garde, extravagantly beautiful presentations. Dishes are named poetically, a tribute to classical Chinese writers. The Golden Leaves Fall in Autumn- succulent prawns two ways and Dance of the Wind- a seafood consomm√© in young coconut. Fear not though, tradition reigns supreme at My Humble House, with delicacies such as Shark’s Fin and Abalone very much present on the menu.

Service here is as one would expect- friendly and efficient. It is no wonder My Humble House has become a local favorite of the younger generation and business elite.

Beijing Oriental Plaza
Podium Level W 3 (Office Towers) #01-07
No. 1 East Chang An Avenue
P: 86-10-8518-8811