Hydropeptide Power Serum & Power Lift Duo

I hate admitting this out loud or even to myself but a few months ago I was convinced I saw the beginnings of fine lines around my mouth- you know the ones I’m talking about, the ones some people say are cute laugh lines and others fight to their dying day. When it comes to skincare products that combat signs of aging, we can say it’s all about our egos and brainwashed thoughts of clinging on to bygone youth.

Frankly, I don’t care what anybody says or thinks. When I look in the mirror, when I touch my own skin, I like to see and feel smoothness and tautness. Perhaps it is ego and perhaps I have been brainwashed to cling onto the skin I had when I was 20. But here’s the thing, my skin is better today than it was when I was 20, or even 25. In my 30’s now, I know full well what eating to feed by body and spirit means. I know what living life in moderation means. I know what skincare products are great and which are just pretty packaging with a high price tag.

Part of the skincare routine that makes me like what I see in the mirror and like what I feel when I run my fingers over my face is Hydropeptide’s Power Serum & Power Lift Duo. You can purchase these two items separately but I highly recommend this as exactly its name suggests- an ultra powerful Duo that will blast signs of those first lines and will obliterate any uneven dry/oily patches into smooth, clear silkiness.

The Power Serum contains a host of peptides that are meant to volumize (plump) the skin, with another host of antioxidants and “a growth factor activating extract to immediately improve skin health while revealing firmer, younger” appearance.

The Power Lift Moisturizer similarly contains a host of peptides, Pineapple Ceramide, Childean Boldo Tree Extract- all targeting signs of aging and deeply hydrating dry skin.

Do these two products accomplish their promised tasks?

Well, if you’re familiar with any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I have oily/somewhat combination skin. Given that the Power Lift Moisturizer is technically targeted for dry skin, you’d think that this would be too much for my oily skin but that was far from the case.

After the first night’s use of both the serum and moisturizer, I felt an immediate difference in softness of my skin, frankly shocked that my oily skin would take so well to a heavy moisturizer. After two weeks of nightly use, (the serum is recommended for day and night use but I stuck to nightly use), I saw those initial fine lines around my mouth visibly almost gone. ┬áDry patches were also completely eradicated. A new smoothness has set in.

Now after nearly two months of nightly use, the fine lines have completely 100% disappeared, without my having made any significant changes in my diet or sleep routines. I am one who scrutinizes my facial skin every day so it’s shocking even to me (especially when I get to review a lot of beauty products consistently) when a product delivers this rapidly and clearly on its promises.

Whatever skin type you have, I strongly suggest incorporating this powerful Duo into your nightly routine if you are over 30 years old. Years down the road, you’ll be grateful you did when you’re 50 and your skin looks firmly in its early 30’s.

I’ve long ago been an ardent fan of Hydropeptide but with each new product of theirs I try, I’m reminded why I fall in love all over again with them, and with my own skin.

At US $174 for this duo, you’re getting a steal for two very potent skincare products that will change the landscape of your face.

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