Citrus Zinger- Reusable Water Bottles

Drinking a day’s worth of water has rarely been an issue for me though it has for my father and many of my male friends. Even some of my female friends find it a chore to drink the 2 liters or so of water a day that is generally recommended to keep our body and skin healthy and glowing. As many of you have likely come across- the past several decades have seen the advent of dozens and dozens of water additives touted to make water taste better, to make water “healthier” and to make drinking water so fun that you can barely contain your excitement.

Like pretty much everything else in life, I’ll try anything once to see what it’s all about. What bothered me most about most of these water additives is that they’re all made of synthetic and harmful chemicals. My general rule of putting things in my body is: if it can sit on a shelf for longer than a couple of days without going bad, I won’t ingest it. Aside from the health factor (or lack thereof), all of these additives and flavored waters simply tasted strange to me.

When I came across the line of Citrus Zingers, I was blown away by how simple yet novel the idea of these portable drinking vessels. I’m sure some of you have done what I’ve done- thrown in lime or orange wedges into your water to give it that extra brightness and to benefit from the vitamins. The Citrus Zinger makes that exact concept super easy to use, ergonomically correct in its functionality, all in a modern, cool looking package that comes in multiple colors and sizes.

The basic concept is that you take half of a lemon or orange (any citrus fruit works as long as it fits in the bottom container), twist it onto the “juicer” section, close up that part of the vessel and fill the other side with water. You’ll have fresh, tangy water naturally infused with your citrus fruit of choice.

I use just one half of a lemon and it lasts all day with constant refills. At the end of a day, after four refills, I can still taste the lemon juice, bright and fresh, with the knowledge that I’m doing serious good for my body. Technically, you can keep using that same half lemon or orange for two days. I tested this out of curiosity and the infused water tasted fine the next day, albeit less lemony.

All Citrus Zingers are:

  • BPA, Halogen, EA and Phthalate free,
  • reusable
  • feature ergonomically designed finger holes for easy carrying
  • super easy to clean.

All of the Zingers that I have include a very convenient sports cap that features a flip-up built-in straw for easy drinking wherever you are. This sports cap is fantastic for preventing spills at the most inopportune times. Citrus Zingers are available in three sizes- the mini, original and sports, and a variety of colors.

Ranging from US $12.99 to $17.99, these nifty water vessels are a must-have for anyone who makes drinking plenty of water a serious priority as part of a healthy lifestyle. Forget those toxic water additives and bogus flavored waters. Citrus Zingers are the intelligent choice.

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