Tula Neck Cream- Best Neck Cream Under $100, Tula's probiotic skincare is revolutionizing the way we look at skincare.

Tula Neck Cream- The Best Neck Cream Under $100

As a child I would watch my Mother with fascination as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, slathering one magical potion after another onto her face and neck. As little girls often do, during playtime, I would often mimic her with pretend potions coming out of miniature squeeze bottles and plastic jars with pictures of Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake. Of all the myriad of seemingly intricate steps in her skincare and makeup routine, two stood out the most.

The first was the eyelash curling. At six years old I could not understand why every morning without fail my Mother would bring that scary contraption right up to her eyeballs (that’s how it looked to mini me) and clamp down over and over then hold for a few seconds. I didn’t know what the difference was between curled or uncurled lashes.

The second fascinating aspect was neck cream. She would contort into funny poses, lifting her face all the way up so her neck looked as long as a giraffe’s (again, to mini me) but simultaneously she strained her eyes to look downward. It was a decade later before I understood that she was inspecting her neck for wrinkles. She never missed a night without her precious neck cream.

In all the years since I’ve been using skincare (I started with barebones skincare when puberty hit and oily skin, blackheads and pimples became a reality of life), neck cream has been the one skincare product I have not religiously incorporated into my routine until very recently, albeit probably some years later than I should have.

To be clear, I have heard for years not just from my Mother but also every dermatologist, facialist and beautiful older women I’ve ever met that next to our delicate eye area, the neck is the next big giveaway to how well (or not) we’re aging. Recently, I made the decision to be on the lookout for a truly potent neck cream that would not break the bank. After a variety of trials, I’ve now decided that the probiotic Tula Neck Cream is the best in its class, where a jar that lasts approximately 4 to 5 months is available at US $80. This product was my first introduction to the Tula skincare brand and I’m definitely a new fan.

Given my age, decent genes and that I’ve obsessively taken care of my skin (I would put leftover face moisturizer on my neck), I didn’t have any huge wrinkles in my neck or décolletage area but there were visible lines. These were not a huge deal to me as I’m not after “perfection” as much as I am gunning for looking simply my very best at any age. Still, I thought that before I hit my 40’s, it’s best to start addressing those visible lines before they become deep wrinkles that date me years older than I actually am. After all, who on earth wants to look older than they are (except teenagers)?

For those of you new to the Tula brand, let’s talk about what’s in their skincare products, what’s not and why they’re focused on probiotics, which for anyone who cares about not poisoning ourselves and about animals, Tula is a hands down winner across the board.

The Tula Neck Cream is free from:



Propylene Glycol




Mineral Oil

Animal Testing

Key Ingredients include:

-Shea Butter, which helps the skin naturally produce more collagen and deeply hydrates;

-Jojoba Oil, which also hydrates with the added benefits of environmental protection;

-Rice Nutripeptides, which supports healthy cell renewal;

-Probiotic technology that protects skin against harmful bacteria and restores balance; and,

-Bifida Ferment Lysate, which works on immunity defense and free-radical protection.

Tula’s focus on probiotic skincare is aligned with the health trend of the past five plus years where physicians have touted the benefits of taking probiotic supplements to balance good versus harmful gut bacteria, which we now understand can cause a myriad of serious health problems to even acne. It only makes sense that if we’re ingesting probiotics, we should be topically using products focused on that balance of good versus bad bacteria as well on the largest organ of our body.

The blue Tula jar housed a thick pure white neck cream that had the softness of vanilla mousse but the thickness of very rich pudding. With no discernible scent, I swiped one finger into the cream, put it gently on my neck and with fingers of both hands began lightly spreading the cream all over my neck and décolletage. The cream certainly felt nice and I could see an immediate glistening where it was clear my neck was no longer dry or crepe-y.

It was after 3 days of consecutive nightly use that I saw the first major change. Two of the four horizontal lines I had had on my neck were almost completely gone, faded into oblivion. At first I thought I was imagining things or that perhaps the lines had faded due to me sleeping in a different position but the fact was, I had not changed my sleeping position whatsoever. Thinking in a scientific manner, I conducted a test.

For the next two nights, I did not use the neck cream. On that third morning, I saw the same two lines that had faded into near disappearance, reappear. That evening, I put on the Tula Neck Cream again and did so for the following two nights. Same results- those two lines had faded again and the other two lines were visibly softer, though still visible.

It’s been about two months since I began using Tula’s Neck Cream and I cannot imagine ever going back to not using it. Every line that was once clearly visible on my neck has faded into faint lines that I’ve seen even on teenagers. If Tula’s Neck Cream can maintain this skin, I’m thrilled. Even though no one is staring at your neck, it’s one of those situations where if you wake up one day and notice a bunch of wrinkles around that area, you’ll regret not having taken far better care of the good skin you originally had. Having a firm, smooth neck really does make a huge difference in supporting an equally well cared for face.

If you’re in your 30’s or above, I strongly urge you to try Tula Neck Cream and incorporate it into at least your nightly routine if not your daily as well. You will be grateful you took the initiative. If you’re in your 20’s, yes, you can get away with not using it (unless you were born with naturally very dry skin in which case get yourself a jar asap), but as is the case with most wellness issues in life, the earlier you start caring, the less major “work” you’ll have to do later.

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