The Must Have Serum For Summer- Kat Rudu's Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides


The Must Have Serum For Summer- Kat Rudu’s Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides

When it comes to skincare, I can divide my friends into two categories- the ones who are as obsessed as I am with following a regimented routine twice daily and those who want flawless skin but can’t be bothered to do more than the basics. Admittedly, I’m late to the Kat Rudu fan train but better late than never and in finally joining Rudu’s fandom, I have found the must have serum for summer that works for all skin types and all levels of dedication. Kat Rudu’s Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides (its long name matches the long list of benefits) is my latest head over heels skincare product that I now must have in my daily routine.

Firstly, for those of you unfamiliar with Kat Rudu, know that A-list Hollywood actresses keep this cruelty-free and vegan protein based skincare brand a well kept secret. I’ve heard that even some of the Korean celebrities are using Kat Rudu for that oh-so-natural dewy glow. Rudu formulated all her products with the belief that layering lightweight skincare would create that sought-after fresh, youthful glow where our real beauty shines through without wearing much or any makeup.

The Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides serum is a water-based serum that aims to improve suppleness, luminosity and a general well being of the skin.

Key ingredients include:

-Vitamin E and organic Gotu Kola which together work to reduce sunspots
-Vegan Hyaluronic Acid serves to keep skin plump, fighting against “thinning” of the face, the kind of thinning that comes with aging, not weight loss
-Aloe Vera, a plant used in many cultures through the centuries, helps reduce inflammation
-Algae extract which provides potent levels of Vitamins A, C and E
-Silk Protein Amino Acids which replenish collagen and elastin fibers- critical to maintaining that plump, youthful appearance of facial skin like when we were teenagers
-Rose Absolute which is extracted from the Rosa Damascena variety of pink roses, delivers high levels of antioxidants
-Rosehip Oil, a vegan essential fatty acid serves as a deep moisturizer
-Camellia Oleifera otherwise known as Japanese Green Tea, serves as another powerful antioxidant.

Upon first use, I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous rose scent, lightly lingering, gentle, non-overwhelming unlike many other rose-scented skincare products that smell fake. Layering this ultra lightweight serum on my skin smelled like breathing in a bouquet of freshly cut morning roses, dew drops intact.

I was surprised by just how light this serum is, its texture resembling that of aloe beverages. If you’re not familiar with aloe drinks, they’ve been around forever in Asia and made their way to the West over the past ten years or so, with the healthiest varieties being just a blend of purified water, aloe and honey. Thicker than water but still fairly thin- this is what Rudu’s Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides serum is like. In fact, the directions state that we should gently shake the bottle before applying the serum because prior to shaking, you can see a slight separation of ingredients much like aloe beverages.

After that very first application of this serum, I noticed an immediate result- my face was incredibly silky (as the serum’s name foretells). Being that I review beauty products regularly, I knew not to be overly elated too early so as I always do, I noted the progression of how my skin faired with the serum over the first few days, the first week, first month and so on.

After one week of nightly use, I noticed my skin remained soft for more hours of the day. Prior to using Rudu’s serum, my skin was soft throughout the night but by the end of the next work day, it would sometimes feel a bit rough, as if I’d gone through some stressful period. Keeping in mind that on a daily basis, I wear very little makeup other than loose powder, eyeliner, mascara and a light dusting of rouge, I don’t expect my skin to look or feel like it would after a long day of wearing heavy makeup (like for formal photo shoots) or after a long flight.

With the nightly use of the Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides serum, that somewhat rough texture at the end of the day was gone and in its place was the same silken softness that had become my skin’s reality every night.

After one month of nightly use, in broad daylight in my car’s sunshade mirror where our worst flaws tend to look ever more exaggerated, I was surprised that I could actually see the huge difference in my skin. Without even touching it, it was clear as the mid-day sun that my skin was soft, properly moisturized and yes, even those ultra annoying sunspots were receding into the background as if a real life Photoshop blur had taken place. My entire face appeared firm, silken and well rested (even on days when I had not slept much the previous night). An added bonus- the serum seemed to help reduce oily patches. After a full busy work day, I did not need a touch up at all.

Post the one month mark, those beautiful results keep on going in maintenance mode and that lovely rose scent still intoxicates. The Kat Rudu Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides Serum is available at US $82 for a glass pump bottle that lasts approximately 4 months with once nightly use. This serum works well for all skin types but particularly for those with oily or combination skin, this serum is an absolute must-have for summer months.

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