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Thai Donuts

“Thai” Donuts I’ve had the blessing to travel throughout Thailand extensively and in all those years, I have never encountered a dessert called Thai donuts. In the 21st century though, in Thai restaurants across the United States there emerged this interesting concoction that restaurant owners
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Sweet and Spicy Crispy Fish- alternative to the classic Spicy Thai Fish, my version is healthier and easier.

Sweet and Spicy Crispy Fish

Sweet and Spicy Crispy Fish This is my twist on the traditional Thai dish where an entire fish is deep fried and glazed with a sweet and sour sauce. Instead of deep frying I keep the fish fillets crisp by using panko bread crumbs and
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Authentic Pad Thai- the easiest Pad Thai recipe without sacrificing real ingredients.

Real Pad Thai

Real Pad Thai There are so many versions of this classic Thai dish and few truly reflect the authentic flavors of old Siam. Having traveled throughout Thailand extensively, I have created my version of the recipe by combining flavors and techniques I’ve learned from many
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